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Council for Relationships' therapists are often called upon for their expertise to contribute to both local and national news programs. Click on the segment titles to view the interview.

CBS/KYW Philly: Single and Searching
Pella Weisman, MFT talked about her Single and Searching 6-week group for women hosted at Council for Relationships. 4/13/2014

CBS3 News: Conscious Uncoupling
George James, LMFT talked about the “conscious uncoupling” of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. 3/26/14

WHYY Voices in the Family How Others Stories Change Our Own
Ruthy Kaiser, RN, LMFT spoke with Dr. Dan Gottlieb and Kilian Fritsch about how reading the interviews of Holocaust survivors families transformed them. These interviews are part of the book Narrative Reflections: How Their Stories Changed Our Lives, edited by Bea Hollander-Goldfein, PhD, LMFT and Lucy Raizman, MSW, LCSW, LMFT. 3/3/14

The Philadelphia InquirerIn Remodeling, Couples Need to Keep Respect, Communication in Their Toolbox
Ruthy Kaiser, RN, LMFT talks about the marital issues that can be unearthed by home renovations. 2/14/14

The Philadelphia Inquirer - Precepts For a Proper Proposal
Pella Schafer Weisman, MFT gives advice for marriage proposals. 2/12/14

Psychology TodayDo Opposites Really Attract?
Stephen J. Betchen, D.S.W., an instructor and supervisor for the Council’s post-graduate program, provides insight on relationships between very different people. 1/28/14

CBS3 News – Health: Beating the Winter Blues
Kevana Nixon gives advice on how to feel better during the long winter season. 1/24/2014

The Philadelphia Inquirer - Gender Transitioning Can Test Family Bonds
Dr. Kyle Schultz provides insight on why couples stay together through gender transitioning. 1/5/2014

The Intelligencer 50 Years After the Assassination: Looking Back on the Way We Lived
Dr. Linda Abrams talked about how life and relationships have changed over the past 50 years since President Kennedy’s assassination. 11/19/2013

The Philadelphia Inquirer - Polyamory, lots and lots of love
Dr. Kenneth Maguire explains why polyamory "is not for everyone".

BestYouAviva.com - 21 Minutes to a Better Marriage
Dr. Sara Course suggests asking three questions as a couple just three times a year could bring less argument-induced stress and significantly higher levels of happiness. 10/15/13

WHYY Voices in the Family – Family Law
Michele Southworth, JD, LMFT, discusses keeping divorce civil with Dr. Dan Gottlieb and Margaret Klaw, lawyer and author of Keeping it Civil (2013). 10/7/13

CBS3 News - New Sexting Scandal For New York City Mayoral Candidate
George James, Jr., LMFT offers insight on sexting. 7/23/13

CBS3 News - Healthwatch: Sibling Bullying
Sara Okman, MFT, shares advice on how to know when sibling fights cross the line into bullying. 6/17/13

Philly.com - Child-raising Teamwork
Sara Corse, PhD highlights the benefits of parents and babysitter working together to raise the children. 5/22/13

NBC10 News - Talking to Children About a Tragedy
George James, Jr., LMFT explains how parents should approach talking to their children about tragedies. 4/23/13

Cosmopolitan.com - Can You Stomach Dating Someone With A Sordid Past?
Dr. Kenneth Maguire weighs in on how to protect yourself when dating someone with a sordid past. 3/20/13

NBC10 News– Elderly Couple Commit Suicide
Dr. Stephen Treat spoke about an elderly couple that committed suicide together. 3/12/13

NBC10 News– Cobbs Creek Abduction
Edd Conboy, MS, MFT spoke about the abduction of a five-year-old girl in Cobbs Creek and her capability of testifying following the trauma. 2/20/13

6ABC Action News HealthCheck – Silver Linings Playbook
Linda Abrams, Ph.D., Tami Sherman, LMFT, Nancy DePaul, MSW, LMFT, Margaret Shapiro, LCSW, and Dr. Brendan Greer spoke to Action News about the hit film, Silver Linings Playbook, and its depiction of bipolar disorder and loss and grief. 2/21/13

NBC10 News– Penn Compliments
George James, Jr., LMFT talks about a Facebook profile created to spread positivity on Penn’s campus. 2/22/13

Working Mother Magazine – Therapist Moms
Dr. Sarah DeMichele, MD talks about being a mom and a psychiatrist. 2/13

American Baby Magazine – Staying Close After Baby
Jennifer Jones, MSW, LCSW talks about couples staying close after having a baby. 2/13

KYW Newsradio – Food Bullying
Dr. Stephen F. Treat, DMin, LMFT discusses food bullying. 1/24/13

Yahoo.com – Mixed-Weight Couples
Ruthy Kaiser, RN, LMFT discusses mixed-weight relationships on Yahoo Shine. 1/22/13

WHYY Voices in the Family – Out of Nowhere
Dr. Bea Hollander-Goldfein takes part in a discussion about how life comes at us and how we can cope. 1/13/13

CBS3 Talk Philly – Gender Roles in the Bedroom
Michele Marsh, PhD, spoke to Pat Ciarrocchi about gender roles and behavior in the bedroom. 1/7/13

6ABC News– Public Shaming Goes Viral
Raymond McDevitt, MSS, LCSW weighs in on whether or not the act of public shaming is an effective form of punishment. 11/21/12

CBS3 News – Struggling with the Loss of Autumn Pasquale
Dorothy Thomas, MS, LMFT gives advice for parents in Clayton, NJ, where many children were grieving the loss of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale. 11/21/12

CBS3 Talk Philly – Be a Better You: Happy Marriage
Sara Corse, PhD gives tips on how to have a happy marriage. 11/19/12

The Chicago Tribune – Opting Out: Home for the Holidays? Not This Year
Margaret Shapiro, LCSW, BCD talks about the kindest way to tell your family that you are skipping out on a holiday tradition. 11/13/12

PalmBeachPost.com - Living with Chronic Illness
Linda Abrams, PhD, discusses life after the diagnosis of a chronic disease. 10/23/12

SheKnows.com - Give Yourself A Mental Boost
Irina Baranov, CPCC, discusses how mantras can improve your mood. 10/22/12

CBS3 Talk Philly - Be a Better You: What You Need in the Bedroom
Michele Marsh, PhD
discusses how to ask for what you need in the bedroom. 10/15/12

KYW Newsradio - The Road to Recovery for Sandusky Sex Abuse Victims
Dr. Stephen F. Treat, DMin, LMFT talks about the victims of Jerry Sandusky's abuse and the importance of telling their story. 10/11/12

CBS3 News – The Effect of Sandusky’s Innocence Claims on Victims
Dorothy Thomas, MS, LMFT weighs in on the effect that Sandusky's persistent claims of his innocence might have on his victims. 10/11/12

CBS3 Talk Philly - Be a Better You: Exhaustion
Irina Baranov, CPCC talks about the different types of exhaustion and how to deal. 10/8/12

CBS Philly - Building a Better You: Forgiveness
Irina Baranov, CPCC, talks about the benefits of forgiveness. 10/1/12

CBS News - Expert Gives Possible Reasons Behind Actions Of Teen Suspects In Brutal Attack Of Chester Woman
Dr. Sara Corse says the girls may have acted the way they did due to low self-esteem. 10/1/12

CBS Philly - Building a Better You: Life Balance
Irina Baranov, CPCC, offers a new approach to finding balance in your life. 9/24/12

Inside Magazine, Fall 2012 - Truth and Boomers: What's next for the Post World War Two Generation?
Author Sally Friedman interviewed CFR Senior Therapist, Linda Abrams, PhD, for this article. Fall 2012

PhillyMag.com - You’re Not (Necessarily) Crazy if You’re Not on Facebook
Life Coach Irina Baranov talks about what social media profiles might indicate about the users of certain sites.

WURD Radio - Going for the Gold
George James, LMFT guest host's for WURD Radio's Dr. Calvin Johnson on "Your Health Matters." Using the recent Olympic games as a theme, James talks about "going for gold" in all aspects of your life. 8/16/12

CBS Philly - Teens Adjusting to School
Irina Baranov, CPCC, talks about adjusting to the changes brings. 8/15/12

6ABC Action News - Parenting: Taking Vacations Without the Kids
Raymond McDevitt, MSS, LCSW discusses how vacationing without the kids might actually make you a better parent. 8/13/12

CBS Philly - Coping with the Death of a Chiild
Professional Life Coach, Irina Baranov, discusses how to cope with the loss of a child. 8/10/12

CBS 3 News - Smiling Can Improve Your Health
Edd Conboy, MS, MFT comments on a study which reveals that smiling can improve your health. 8/1/12

The Philadelphia Inquirer - Toddler Gift Registries
Dorothy Thomas, MS, LMFT is interviewed about gift registries for toddler birthday parties. 8/1/12

NBC 10! Show - Reflections on Colorado Mass Shooting
George James, Jr., LMFT offers some insight into how and why tragedies such as these occur. 7/20/12

NBC 10 News - Suspect in Massacre Fits Profile of Mass Murderer
George James, Jr., LMFT comments on what kind of person is capable of such tragic behavior. 7/20/12

CBS 3 News - Interfaith Couples
George James, Jr., LMFT discusses the Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes split, and what all interfaith couples can learn. 7/9/12

KYW News Radio - Unwedded Bliss
Dr. Stephen Treat talks about couples who choose to live together and not get married - pros and cons. 6/27/12

NBC 10! Show - Girl Talk Gets Juicy
Dr. Ken Maguire discusses the phenomenon surrounding 50 Shades of Grey. 6/22/12

CBS 3 News - Histrionic Personality Disorder
Dr. Brendan Greer explains histrionic personality disorder in light of the Sandusky trial. 6/22/12

PHL 17 News - Is Your Man Marriage Material?
George James, Jr., LMFT discusses ways to know if your man is marriage material. 6/20/12

NBC 10! Show - Girl Talk Gets Personal
Life Coach, Irina Baranov offers ideas about what to do when you don't like your friend's man. 6/19/12

6ABC News - Parenting Perspective: Parent Coaches
Edd Conboy, MS, MFT talks about helping parents through the tough times. 5/29/12

Prevention Magazine - 5 Ways To Be Heard
Dr. Michael Bridges is interviewed about effective, loving communication - how to talk so they listen. 5/28/12

Your Life After Trauma Radio Show - How To Find Resilience and Meaning After Trauma
Dr. Jennie Goldenberg is interviewed about CFR's Transcending Trauma Project's new book. 5/25/12

CBS Philly - Cosmetic Addiction
Dr. Stephen Treat discusses why people do crazy things to their bodies. 5/20/12

It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle - The Mother/Child Bond
Dr. Sara Corse participates in an interesting discussion about mothers & children. 5/14/12

KYW News Radio - To Be A Parent Or To Not Be A Parent
Dr. Brendan Greer comments on new studies that show parents are happier than non-parents. 5/12/12

KYW News Radio - Working Moms
Dr. Sarah DeMichele discusses the struggles of working moms. 5/3/12

Villanova University - The Power of Relationships
George James, Jr., LMFT discusses developing and getting the most out of our relationships with others. 4/5/12

It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle - Women and Sex
Dr. Nancy Gambescia participates in a roundtable discussion about women and sex. 3/28/12

NBC 10 News - Fifty Shades of Grey
Dr. Stephen Treat discusses the new book sensation, Fifty Shades of Grey. 3/26/12

CBS 3 News - Abusive Relationships (Rihanna & Chris Brown)
Dr. Stephen Treat talks about Rihanna & Chris Brown and the cyclical nature of abusive relationships. 2/21/12

6 ABC News - Breaking the Vicious Cycle Holding Your Life Back
Irina Baranov, Life Coach, is interviewed about breaking bad habits. 2/21/12

LovingYou.com - Keeping It Interesting in the Bedroom
Dr. Kenneth Maguire & Tom Winner, MFT from CFR's Institute for Sex Therapy discuss ways to keep your love life interesting. 2/20/12

NBC10.com - Sugar Daddies/Sugar Babies
Dr. Brendan Greer, CEO of CFR, comments on SeekingArrangements.com. 2/10/12

BlogTalkRadio.com - Developing Healthy Relationships: Dating to Marriage
Jennifer Jones, MSW, LCSW is interviewed about how to develop healthy relationships. 2/9/12

NBC 10 News - Why Gisele's Post-Super Bowl Commented Angered Folks
Irina Baranov, a Life Coach with Council for Relationships, talks about why people reacted the way they did to Gisele Bundchen's post-Super Bowl comments. 2/8/12

CBS 3 News - PDA's: How Much Is Too Much?
Dr. Stephen Treat explains how public displays of affection may prove that there really is no affection. 2/5/12

Jewish Exponent - New Thinking on Dealing with Trauma
Dr. Bea Hollander-Goldfein and the TTP team discuss their work and the publication of their new book. 2/1/12

CBS 3 News - Resolutions
Edd Conboy, MS, MFT talks about New Year's resolutions. 1/2/12

CBS 3 News - Staying a Happy Healthy Mom
Sara Corse, PhD discusses how Moms can stay happy and healthy. 1/2/12

CBS 3 News - A New Approach To New Year's
Irina Baranov discusses ideas for keeping resolutions. 12/26/11

CBS 3 News - PTSD Warning For Soldiers Returning Home From The Battlefield
Edd Conboy, MS, MFT talks about Operation Home & Healing, and helping returning Veterans. 12/22/11

CBS 3 News - Helping Veterans
George James Jr., LMFT talks about returning soldiers and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 12/22/11

CBS 3 News - Reaction To Sandusky Hearing Outcome And Potential Victim Impact
Dr. Brendan Greer discusses how the victims may feel after delay of hearing. 12/13/11

6ABC Action News - Holiday Traditions
Dr. Stephen Treat talks about the importance of holiday traditions for children. 11/21/11

NBC 10 News - Hasslers
Irina Baranov comments on Hasslers.org, a new service to help keep people accountable. 11/19/11

CBS 3 News - Keeping the Peace at Thanksgiving
Irina Baranov offers suggestions on how to keep the peace at Thanksgiving. 11/20/11

NBC 10 News - How to Help Your PSU Student Cope
Dr. Brendan Greer discusses the Penn State tragedy and how to help our own children cope. 11/11/11

NBC 10 News - Understanding the Penn State Scandal
George James, Jr., LMFT shares his insight on the halo effect in the PSU scandal. 11/11/11

Northeast Times Star - Healing Wounded Minds
Edd Conboy, MS, MFT is interviewed about CFR's Operation Home & Healing - helping veterans and their loved ones. 11/9/11

NBC 10 News - Kardashian Divorce
Jennifer Jones, MSW, LCSW discusses the Kardashian divorce. 11/1/11

CBS 3 News - Lessons Learned From the Kardashian Divorce
Life Coach Irina Baranov discusses the Kardashian divorce and what all couples can learn. 11/1/11

Voice America with Dr. Rey (Dr. 90210) - Sexuality After Illness
Dr. Linda Abrams is interviewed about sexuality and intimacy after illness (to hear Dr. Abrams, go to minute 31). 10/27/2011

CBS 3 News - Jennifer Jones Helps Philly Fans Understand What's Going On
Jennifer Jones, MSW, LCSW talks about Philly's sports losses and how the athletes cope (and how we cope). 10/20/11

CBS 3 News - Depressed Stressed Moms More Hostile To Their Toddlers
Dr. Brendan Greer, discusses a new study that links mothers' depression to hostility towards their kids. 10/10/11

NBC 10! Show - A Fake Girlfriend Just a Click Away?
George James, Jr., LMFT discusses a new app that allows guys to have a "Fake Girlfriend". 10/11/11

NBC 10! Show - How to Cope and Grow During Stressful Times
Jennifer Jones, MSW, LCSW discusses how to survive and grow despite difficult times. 9/15/11

Inside Magazine - Grandparents & their Teen Grandchildren
(flip to p. 34)

Dr. Bea Hollander shares ideas about Grandparents' relationships with their teen grandchildren. 9/15/11

NBC 10 News - Empty Nest? Save Your Marriage
Dr. Stephen Treat shares helpful advice on how to put life back into your marriage after the kids leave the house.. 9/7/11

Life and Beauty Weekly - Make Time for Romance!
Jennifer Jones, MSW, LCSW contributes to a story about making time for romance. 9/5/11

CBS 3 News - How to Make Your Vacation Meaningful
CFR Life Coach, Irina Baranov, discusses ways to make your vacation meaningful. 8/16/11

NBC 10 News - Stock Market Stress
Dr. Brendan Greer offers helpful suggestions for when financial stress causes poor decision-making. 8/12/11

CBS 3 News - What to Do if You Don't Like Your Child
Ruthy Kaiser, RN, MFT is interviewed about what to do if you don't like your child. 8/2/11

The Intelligencer - Use Your GPS to Track Your Spouse
Edd Conboy, MS, MFT is interviewed about the use of a GPS to track your spouse. 7/8/11

NBC 10 News - Marriage Advice
Dr. Stephen Treat discusses marriage in a Father's Day article. 6/19/11

NBC 10 News - Searching Your Child's Room
Dr. Michael Keene, Sr. talks aabout parents searching their kids' rooms. 6/14/11

NBC 10 News - Socks to Spice Up Your Sex Life
Dr. Sabitha Pillai-Friedman talks about the concept of "socks for warmth & pleasure" and asks the question of how they can improve sex. 6/8/11

6ABC Action News - Online Infidelity
George James, Jr., LMFT answers viewer's questions about online infidelity. 6/7/11

Philadelphia Magazine - How Does Your Marriage Stack Up?
Rita DeMaria, PhD, Edd Conboy, MS, MFT, and Ken Maguire, PsyD weigh in on how today's couples are dealing with a whole different set of issues than their parents, from Facebook-stalking to who gets to pick the love seat. Can marriage survive it? 5/27/11

Philadelphia Magazine - How "Selling Parties" Are Impacting Women's Friendships
Linda Abrams, PhD offers input on women who exploit their friends for fun and profit. 5/27/11

KYW News Radio - Census Shows More People Unmarried But Living Together
Dr. April Westfall talks about the climbing rate of cohabitating couples. 5/21/11

NBC 10 News - Lessons Learned From the Schwarzenegger Scandal
Dr. Brendan Greer discusses the fallout of the Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal and how it will impact his family. 5/20/11

Jewish Exponent - Justice, Justice Have They Pursued?
Dr. Bea Hollander-Goldfein discusses justice and how it relates to the death of bin Laden. 5/4/11

The Intelligencer - Celebrating a Milestone, Not a Death
Dr. Brendan Greer discusses the psychological impact of bin Laden's death. 5/3/11

CBS 3 News - Death of Osama Bin Laden
Dr. Bea Hollander-Goldfein discusses Bin Laden's death and it's impact on us. 5/3/11

CN8: It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle
Dangers of Sexting | Dangers of Sexting - Part Two | Dangers of Sexting - Part Three |
Dr. Ken Maguire talks with Lynn Doyle about the dangers of kids and sexting. 5/3/10

WHYY NPR Radio - Family Size
Michelle Jackson dicusses the ideal family size. 4/15/11

NBC 10! Show - Judgement
Irina Baranov discusses ways to respond to judgements and/or criticisms. 4/15/11

Life and Beauty Weekly - Multi-Family Vacations
Matthew Purinton, MSW, LSW offers tips for a successful multi-family vacation. 4/15/11

NBC 10! Show - Technology and Relationships
Dr. Stephen Treat shares advice for those suffering from technology addiction. 4/3/11

CBS 3 News - CFR's Relationship Checkup
Irina Baranov discusses CFR's new Relationship Checkup program. 4/2/11

Gradschools.com - High Conflict Divorce
Priscilla Singleton is interviewed about high-conflict divorce. 4/2/11

Life and Beauty Weekly - Keep Your Relationship Exciting!
Dr. Michele Marsh discusses ways to keep your relationship exciting. 4/2/11

NBC 10! Show - Talking to Kids About Disasters (Japan, etc.)
Irina Baranov offers tips on how to talk to children about disasters. 3/21/11

WHYY NPR Radio - Adolescence, Now Twice as Long
Michelle Jackson discusses prolonged adolescence. 3/18/11

MSNBC.com - What's in your bag?
Dr. Linda Abrams explains why huge purses arean emotional crutch. 3/9/11

CBS 3 Talk Philly - Pay It Forward
Jennifer Jones, MSW, LCSW discusses giving and ways of paying it forward. 3/1/11

The Intelligencer - Perils of Social Media
Wanda Sevey, MDiv and Dr. Greer are interviewed about the perils of social media. 2/20/11

NBC 10! Show - Intervention 101
Dr. Stephen Treat talks about helping a loved one with addiction. 2/20/11

CBS 3 News - Seasonal Affective Disorder
Dr. Brendan Greer is interviewed about seasonal affective disorder. 2/20/11

NBC 10 News - Relationship Checkup
Irina Baranov discusses CFR's new Relationship Checkup program and how it can help all couples, troubled or not. 2/14/11

NBC 10! Show - Surviving Long Term Marriage
Ruthy Kaiser, RN, LMFT discusses how to strengthen your marriage and avoid divorce. 2/14/11

Philadelphia Inquirer - Divorcing Couples
Dr. Sara Corse discusses how divorcing couples like the Rendells put others at ease. 2/9/11

CBS 3 News - New State of Marriage
Dr. Michael Bridges is interviewed about long-term marriages ending in divorce. 2/8/11

PhillyBurbs.com - Psychology of Snow
Lucy Raizman discusses the frustration and anger that can result as the snow piles higher. 1/31/11

Rodale Press' The Hartford - Embrace Your Empty Nest
Dr. Stephen Treat discusses reinventing your life after the kids leave the house. 1/31/11

NBC 10! Show - Parenting and the "Tiger Mom"
George James, MFT discusses finding a middle ground when parenting in light of the Tiger Mom. 1/31/11

Philadelphia Business Journal - CEO Profile: 'Make difficult decisions quickly, and move on.'
Dr. Brendan Greer, CEO, profiled in the Philadelphia Business Journal. 1/14/11

CBS 3 News - Edwards' Engagement
Dr. Sarah DeMichele discusses the breaking news of Edwards' engagement. 1/6/11

NBC 10! Show - Stress-Free Holidays
Dr. Stephen Treat talks about getting through the holidays with minimal stress. 12/21/10

CBS 3 News - Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Dr. Stephen Treat talks about sadness & depression during this time of year. 12/13/10

CW Philly Morning News - Self Care During the Holidays
Edd Conboy, MS, MFT, about coping with your loved ones (and not so loved ones) during the holiday season...a great segment on good self-care. 12/13/10

CBS 3 News - Changing Bad Habits
Dr. Stephen Treat discusses changing bad habits. 12/2/10

NBC 10 News - Breaking Up with the Help of a Website
Dr. Brendan Greer talks about a new website/service that helps couples break up. 12/2/10

Quality Health - Facing Your Retirement Fears
Dr. Stephen Treat discusses how to overcome your fears of retirement. 12/2/10

NBC 10 News - Why Men Cheat
Dr. Stephen Treat discusses infidelity and the Eva Longoria and Tony Parker split. 11/16/10

CBS 3 News - Unfriending Day on Facebook
Jennifer Jones, LCSW discusses why unfriending your facebook friends can be a good thing. 11/16/10

CBS 3 News - Study: Marriage Could Become Obsolete
Dr. Stephen Treat talks about a new study that reveals attitudes about marriage becoming obsolete. 11/16/10

NBC 10 News - The Snuggie Sutra? Yup, That's Right
George James Jr., MFT talks about the Snuggie Sutra, an innovative way to spice things up. 11/16/10

NBC 10! Show - Social Struggles in Schools
Dr. Stephen Treat talks about how your children could be struggling in school without your knowledge and what parents can do about that. 10/1/10

CreditCards.com - 4 Simple Ways to Cope with Debt-related Stress
Dr. Linda Abrams offers suggestions about how couples can cope with debt-related stress. 9/28/10

EquallyWed.com - Wedding Etiquette
Dr. Ken Maguire offers relationship advice to brothers when one is gay. 9/28/10

6 ABC News - Adjusting Siblings to News of a New Baby
Nancy DePaul, MSW offers suggestions on how to help siblings adjust to a new baby. 9/27/10

NBC 10 News - Does Having a Daughter Make a Hubby Expendable?
Dr. Sara Corse discusses a new study which finds that women with daughters don't need a husband. 9/21/10

NBC 10! Show - How to Cope with an Empty Nest
Edd Conboy, MS, MFT, shares ways to embrace the transition of children leaving home for college. 8/31/10

CN8: It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle
Workplace Horror Stories - Part One | Workplace Horror Stories - Part Two | Workplace Horror Stories - Part Three |
Edd Conboy, MS, MFT joins a panel discussion to talk about disgruntled workers. 8/28/10

NBC 10 News - Why Do Couples Always Seem to Argue in the Car?
Dr. Stephen Treat comments on couples arguing in the car. 8/27/10

Celebuzz.com - Prenuptial Agreements
George James, MFT discusses prenuptial agreements and how they impact new marriages like Hillary Duff's. 8/19/10

6 ABC News - Website Gives Odds for Relationships
Meghan Aborn, MA, LMFT comments on a new website for online dating and relationship advice. 8/18/10

FOX29 News - Weight Loss Choices
Ruthy Kaiser, RN, MFT, discusses a new study that indicates that women would rather give up sex for the summer than gain 10 pounds. 8/12/10

FOX Business - Mine, Yours and Ours: Marriage and Your Money
Ray McDevitt, MSS, LCSW comments on the different ways couples manage their money. 8/11/10

NBC 10! Show - Have the Perfect Wedding, Without the Drama
George James, MFT, shares tips for creating the wedding of your dreams without all the stress and conflict. 8/10/10

WHYY Voices in the Family - Parenting: It's Joys and Blues
Dr. Rita DeMaria is interviewed by Dr. Dan Gottlieb about the effects of parenthood on happiness. 8/2/10

Internet Radio Show - Laughter, Intimacy and Passion in Marriage"
Dr. Rita DeMaria is interviewed by Dr. Pat Covalt on her live internet radio show, "The Power of Being Tuned-In" (Relationship Success Through EQ). 7/31/10

The Philadelphia Inquirer - Seeing the "For Worse" Hasn't Scared Chelsea from the Altar
Ray McDevitt, MSS, LCSW comments on the effect the Clintons' rocky marriage likely had on their daughter. 7/29/10

NBC 10 News - More Married Couples Sleeping in Separate Beds: Study
George James, MFT discusses the research study that suggests more and more couples are choosing to lay their heads in different beds. 7/27/10

The Huffington Post - More Sex
Dr. Rita DeMaria's presentation at the 2010 Smart Marriagesconference is highlighted in 12 Happy Marriage Tips, an article written by Melanie Gorman. 7/19/10

WomansDay.com - The Stages of Marriage
Dr. Rita DeMaria contributed to an article about the different stages a couple experiences throughout their relationship. 7/16/10

6 ABC News - The Importance of "Me Time" for Moms
Ruthy Kaiser, RN, MFT contributes to a story on Amy Buchman's "Parenting Perspective" series. 7/16/10

AOL.com - Pre-Marital Counseling
Angelle Richardson, EdS, LPC, discusses the importance of family support especially when a relationship is rocky. 7/8/10

NBC 10! Show - The Benefits of Counseling
Dr. Stephen Treat explains why pre-marital and post-marital counseling can keep your marriage from ending in divorce. 7/8/10

NBC 10 News - How E-communication may Hurt Relationships
Dr. Brendan Greer discusses how hi-tech link-ups actually lead to a "digital disconnect," harming your offline relationships. 6/28/10

MSN.com - An Important Habit We Must Learn for Good Relationships
Michele Marsh, PhD, discusses the importance of how you respond to your loved one's successes. 6/25/10

NBC 10 News - Getting Back on Track with your Goals, and Good Self-Care Through the Process of Change
Sarah DeMichele, MD, discusses ways to get back on track without being discouraged if you find yourself straying in your weight loss program. 6/23/10

NBC 10! Show - How to Make this Summer Meaningful
Dr. Stephen Treat shares tips for making the most of your summer. 6/14/10

CN8: It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle
Late-Life Divorce - Part One | Late-Life Divorce - Part Two | Late-Life Divorce - Part Three |
Dr. Rita DeMaria discusses late life divorce and why some couples choose this route while others remain in an often loveless, unfulfilling marriage. 6/11/10

NBC 10! Show - What To Say To Your Kids at Graduation
Dr. Stephen Treat, CEO of the Council for Relationships, explains how to talk to your children as they grow up. 6/11/10

Philadelphia Daily News - Kids, Schools & Bullying
Ray Fisher, LCSW, contributes to a story on Philly.com. 6/8/10

NBC 10 News - Does How You Met Tell If Your Marriage Will Last?
Michael Bridges, PhD, comments on a new study that says how you remember your first meeting could spell if your marriage be happily ever after or end in shambles. 6/8/10

NBC's TODAY Show - Happiness at 50
Dr. Stephen Treat discusses a new study which shows that happiness begins at 50. 5/25/10

MSNBC.COM - Pros/Cons of Mothers & Daughters Getting Plastic Surgery Together
Dr. Sara Corse cautions that despite the camaraderie to watch out for the sour undertones. 5/20/10

NBC 10 News - When The Stress of Being Jobless Affects Your Relationships
Garey Hesselton how to deal with the stress of unemployment when it seeps into your relationship. 5/7/10

NBC 10 News - How to Treat Your Jobless Partner
Dr. Stephen Treat discusses that while you may only be trying to help your jobless partner, you may be doing more harm than good. 5/3/10

NBC 10 News - Do You Have a Digital Addiction?
Dr. Stephen Treat discusses a new study that likens digital device and internet overuse to drug and alcohol addiction. 4/28/10

WHYY News - What Fuels Road Rage?
Kerstin, Miller, MDiv, LMFT offers suggestions on combatting the anger which may escalate to road rage. 4/23/10

NBC 10! Show - Why Casual Sex is on the Rise in Philadelphia
Dr. Ken Maguire discusses his perspective on the changing role of casual sex in everday life. 4/15/10

NBC 10! Show - Tips for a Safe Prom
George James, MFT, advises parents on how to ensure a fun and safe prom for their teen. 4/14/10

NBC 10 News - Key to Happy Marriage in the Numbers?
Sara Corse, PhD discusses how researchers use math to determine what makes the perfect marriage.3/19/10

NBC 10! Show - Staging a Comeback
Dr. Stephen Treat talks about ways to redeem your relationship with helpful tips on how to make amends. 3/18/10

Women's Health Magazine - Don't Make it Personal
Dr. Rita DeMaria contributes to a story about the right way to fight with your partner. 3/16/10

KYW News Radio - Social Networking and its Dangers/Impact on Teens

FindingDulcinea.com - As Students Turn to Facebook to Mourn, How Should Parents, Teachers and Counselors React?
With Facebook supplanting grief counselors as an outlet for grieving teens, Sara Corse, PhD discusses the importance of schools participating in the process. 3/11/10

NBC 10 News - Dating? You May Want a Pre-prenup
Michelle Jackson, MSS, LCSW discusses how a pre-prenup, created for unmarried couples, could make splitting up (and splitting your belongings) a little easier. 3/5/10

NBC 10! Show - How to Handle Stress in College
George James, MFT, visits The 10! Show to talk about how to handle stress in college. 3/5/10

NBC 10 News - Teen Suicide: What Parents Should Know
Dr. Brendan Greer talks about teen suicide and what parents should know, look out for and respond to with their own children. 3/1/10

103.9 Radio One - Marriage Beyond the Vows - Part 1; | Marriage Beyond the Vows - Part 2;
Relationship expert George James, MFT is the guest speaker on a discussion about addictions in relationships. 3/1/10

Philadelphia Weekly - Better than Best: Best Place to Try to Save Your Marriage
Council for Relationships is recognized as the one solution to the infinite variety of ways in which relationships explode. 2/23/10

NBC 10! Show - Inside the Mind of An Olympian
Dr. Stephen Treat is here to help us get inside the minds of the Olympians and find out what it takes to be the very best. 2/19/10

NBC 10 News - Study: Men Feel Less Guilty
Claudia Rivero interviews CFR Therapist, Ruthy Kaiser, RN, MFT about a new study that shows men feel less guilt than women 2/12/10

NBC 10! Show - Talking to Your Children About Haiti (and other tragedies)
Relationship expert and CEO of Council for Relationships, Dr. Stephen Treat, discusses strategies for talking to your kids about the tragedy in Haiti and how it is affecting them personally. 1/22/10

NBC 10 News - Before You Say "I Do"
Lori Wilson interviews CFR therapist, George James, Jr, MFT about marriage and what you need to do before you say "I do." 1/10/10

The Daily Beast - Sex Addiction
Dr. Jordan Lief comments on Sex Addiction and the headlines surrounding Tiger Woods. 12/18/09

Blog Talk Radio - The State of Black Marriages
CFR's Dr. Peggy Vertreace, discusses the state of black marriages. 12/12/09

NBC 10 News - Can Tiger Save His Marriage?
CFR therapist, George James, Jr, MFT, discusses what can be done to save a marriage that is touched by infidelity. 12/10/09

NBC 10 News - Talking to Your Kids About Sexting
CFR therapist, Dr. Ken Maguire, talks about the dangers of technology, sexting, and bullying. 12/4/09

NBC 10! Show - How to Prevent Infidelity
Relationship expert and CEO of Council for Relationships, Dr. Stephen Treat, explains why infidelity is so huge among celebrities right now, such as Tiger Woods, and what you can do to prevent infidelity from occurring in your relationship. 12/3/09

VenusVision.com Interview - Acknowledging Feelings in Your Children
Ray Fisher, LCSW contributed to this article which offers an explanation for why children sometimes overreact to minor injuries or upsets. 11/5/09

NBC 10 News - Should You Vaccinate Your Kids Against H1N1?
CFR's Ruthy Kaiser, RN, MFT discusses the pros and cons about vaccinating your children against the H1N1 flu virus. 10/27/09

NBC 10 News - Bullying
CFR's George James, Jr. discusses how adolescent bullying can be harmful. 10/15/09

NBC 10 News - e-Spying on Your Spouse
If you think your significant is cyber cheating, the temptation to snoop may be great, but CFR's George James, Jr. says it's probably not the best way to deal. 9/30/09

Philadelphia Business Journal - Stephen R. Treat: 'Be fair and forthright.'
CEO of Council for Relationships, Dr. Stephen Treat is profiled in the Philadelphia Business Journal. 9/25/09

NBC 10 News - Ashley Madison Ruffles Philly's Feathers
CFR Therapist, Ruthy Kaiser, RN, MFT comments on the website that encourages married people to have an affair. 9/18/09

Website on Baby Loss - An Interview with a Grief Counselor
CFR Psychologist, Dr. Sara Corse, discusses the grief experienced by those who have lost a baby. 7/14/09

MyFoxPhilly.com - Gosselins Will Divorce
Council for Relationships therapist, Edd Conboy, discusses Jon and Kate and the steep price of fame. 6/18/09

WHYY Radio: The Mental Health of Soldiers, Veterans & Their Loved Ones (.mp3 file)
CEO of Council for Relationships, Dr. Stephen Treat, discusses the challenges that returning military members and their loved ones face, as they return from war. For more information on how to get help for yourself or for loved ones, please visit CFR's Operation Home and Healing website. 6/10/09

The Philadelphia Inquirer - House Keys Open the Door to a Safety Net
Ruthy Kaiser, RN, MFT, CFR therapist contributes to a story about sharing house keys. 4/10/09

CN8: It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle
Should you Stay with an Abuser? - Part One
Should you Stay with an Abuser? - Part Two
Should you Stay with an Abuser? - Part Three
Council For Relationships therapist, George James contributes to a discussion about the dynamics of abusive relationships and why some women choose to stay with their abuser. 3/19/09

Blog Talk Radio - How to Build a Healthy Relationship
CFR's Dr. Peggy Vertreace, discusses finding a mate, deciding whether to make a committment, breaking up, marriage and divorce. 2/14/09

NBC 10! Show - Reconciling
CEO of Council For Relationships, Dr. Stephen Treat, gives advice on forgiving family members to get through the holidays. 12/23/08

WHYY Radio: Voices in the Family - Resilience (.mp3 file)
Director of CFR's Transcending Trauma Project, Bea Hollander-Goldfein, PhD, LMFT joins Dan Gottlieb in a discussion on resilience after a traumatic event. 12/15/08

NBC 10! Show - Holiday Traditions
CFR staff therapist, Dr. George James discusses how to create meaningful holiday traditions that will help keep your family in good spirits during the holidays. 12/11/08

Philadelphia Marriage Examiner - Holiday Hints
CFR staff therapist, Ruthy Kaiser, RN, MFT contributed advice to a series of articles in the Philadelphia Marriage Examiner. (Click "previous" and "next" to read more articles in this series.) 12/1/08

NBC 10! Show - The Importance of Giving Thanks
Dr. Stephen Treat, CEO of Council For Relationships, gives advice on expressing thanks to the special people in your life. 11/25/08

CNN.COM - When to Reveal Your Secret to a Date
CFR therapist, Dr. Kimberly Flemke comments on the article and offers some advice on when to share your "secrets" with a new partner. 7/21/08

CNN.com - Wedding Disasters
CFR therapist, George James, MFT, offers advice on how to handle it when something goes wrong on your wedding day. 6/2/08

NBC 10 News - Standing By Your Man
Tracy Davidson speaks with CFR therapist, Ruthy Kaiser, about the Eliot Spitzer scandal and discusses why powerful men cheat." 3/11/08

WHYY Radio: Voices in the Family - Sexual Fantasies (.mp3 file)
Modern research suggests that sexual fantasies are normal and can improve your sex life. But how do they affect intimate relationships? Dan Gottlieb and his guests, including Dr. Sabitha Pilla-Friedman, will discuss why many people are afraid to talk about their fantasies, and feel guilty about having them. 2/12/07

NBC Today Show - Tips for Dealing with Women's Hair Loss
"'Today' show host Natalie Morales talks with 'Today' contributor Dr. Judith Reichman and CFR's Dr. Kimberly Flemke about women's hair loss and how to cope." 8/14/06

NBC Today Show - "Motherhood is Boring": Blasphemy or Honesty?
"The 'Today' show's Campbell Brown spoke with Helen Kirwan-Taylor, who wrote an article about her boring duties of motherhood, and Dr. Kimberly Flemke, family and parenting therapist with Council for Relationships, about moms who are frustrated." 8/4/2006

NBC Today Show - Prepare Your Marriage for Retirement
"Dr. Stephen Treat, the director and CEO of the Council for Relationships, talks with "Today" host Matt Lauer about the ups and downs couples face when they retire." 3/15/05

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