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Council for Relationships' expert staff have contributed to numerous publications. The following is a sample of their published work.

Bridges, Michael, PhD

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted? Philadelphia Inquirer, May 17, 2004; Stacey Burling, Inquirer Staff Writer, Michael Bridges, Phd, Contributor. Click Here to Read this Article.

Covelman, Kenneth, PhD

Children in Pain, Journal of Pediatric Psychology, V.18, 1993, p. 11-412; Kenneth Covelman

Joining Mind and Body, Family Systems Medicine Newsletter, V. #4, 1992, pp.3-4; Kenneth Covelman

Development of an Interdisciplinary Pain Service, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, V. #6, 1991, p.187; Kenneth Covelman et. al.

Pediatric Pain Control: A family Systems Model, In Advances in Pain Research and Therapy: Pediatric Pain, V. 15, 1990, pp.225-236; Kenneth Covelman et. al.

Hypnosis: A Part of the Structure in Family Therapy, In Adjunctive Techniques in Family Therapy, 1985, pp.247-267; Kenneth Covelman et. al.

Adolescent Runaways: A Structural Family Therapy Perspective, In Adolescents and Family Therapy: A Handbook of Theory and Practice, 1985, pp.343-362; Kenneth Covelman and J. Lappin

DeMaria, Rita, PhD

Distressed Couples and Marriage Education. Family Relations, April 2005; DeMaria, Rita.

Integrating Marriage Enrichment and Marital Therapy: A Case Study of PAIRS, A Contemporary Psychoeducational Marital Intervention Program (PAIRS - Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills), Families, December 1994; DeMaria, Rita.

Family Therapy and Child Welfare, Networker, January/February 1986; Also in Case Studies in Child Welfare, 1992; DeMaria, Rita. 

Strengthening and Promoting Healthy Marriages: Investigation of Programs to Strengthen and Support Healthy Marriages. Urban Institute, Washington, D.C., DeMaria, Rita, Project Consultant (2004), with Jennifer Ehrle Macomber, Julie Murray, Matthew Stagner; Funded by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Click Here to Read this Report.

Psychoeducation and Enrichment: Clinical Considerations for Couple and Family Therapy. DeMaria, Rita (2003). In T. L. Sexton, G. R. Weeks, & M. Robbins (Eds.) Handbook of Family Therapy, pp. 411-430.

Flemke, Kimberly, PhD

Triggering Rage: Unresolved Trauma in Women's Lives. Contemporary Family Therapy. Flemke, K. (In press).

Women's Experience of Rage: A Critical Feminist Analysis. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 34, 58-74.; Flemke, K., & Allen, K. R. (2008).

The Marginalization of Intimate Friendship Between Women Within the Context of Therapy. Journal of Feminist Family Therapy, 13, 75-91; Flemke, K. R. (2001). 

Imago Couples Dialogue: Treatment Enhancement With EMDR. Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 12, 1-14; Flemke, K. R., & Protinsky, H. (2001).

EMDR and Emotionally Oriented Couples Therapy. Contemporary Family Therapy, 23, 153-168; Protinsky, H., Flemke, K. R., & Sparks, J. (2001). 

Using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing to Enhance the Treatment of Couples. Journal of Marriage and Family Therapy, 27, 157-164; Protinsky, H., Sparks, J., & Flemke, K. (2001). 

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing: Innovative Clinical Applications. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 13, 125-135; Protinsky, H., Sparks, J., & Flemke, K. (2001). 

Hollander-Goldfein, Bea, PhD

Holocaust Narratives and Their Impact: Personal Identification and Communal Roles. Jewish Cultural Studies: Expression, Identity, and Representations, Oxford: Littman. S. Bronner, Editor; Spring 2008.


Shapiro, Margaret, LCSW, BCD

Money Talks. Chapter in The Couple and Family Therapist's Notebook: Haworth Clinical Practice Press, 2005.

Money: A Therapeutic Tool for Couples Therapy. Family Process, September 2007.


April Westfall, PhD

911, 302 or Take Deeps Breaths and Call Me in the Morning? A Review of the Basics of Sound Clinical Care When Your Client Becomes at Risk for Suicide. Pennsylvania Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Perspectives; Fall 2007.


Nancy Gambescia & Gerald Weeks

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The Treatment of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 20 (2), 129-149. Weeks, G.,Hertlein, K. Gambescia, N. (2009).

Treating infidelity: An integrative approach. The Family Journal: Counseling & Therapy for Couples and Families, 16(4), 316-323. Fife, S. T., Weeks, G. R., & Gambescia, N. (2008).

The Intersystems Approach to Treating Infidelity. In P. R. Peluso (Ed.) Infidelity: A practitioner's guide to working with couples in crisis. New York: Routledge. Fife, S. T., Weeks, G., R., & Gambescia, N. (2007).

The Treatment of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: An Intersystem approach. In L. Vandercreek, F. Peterson, & J. Bley (Eds.) Innovations in Clinical Practice: Focus on Sexual Health. Sarasota, Florida: Professional Resource Press. Hertlein, K. M., Weeks, G. R., & Gambescia, N. (2007).

Sexual Dysfunction. In In N. Kazantizis & L. L'Abate (Eds.) Handbook of homework assignments in Psychotherapy: Research, Practice, and Prevention. Kluwer Academic Publishers. Norwell, MA. Gambescia, N. & Weeks, G. (2006)

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Hypoactive sexual desire: Integrating sex and couple therapy. New York: Norton: Weeks, G. & Gambescia, N. (2000).Weeks, G. & Gambescia, N. (2002).

Erectile dysfunction: Integrating couple therapy, sex therapy, and medical treatment. New York: Norton. Weeks, G. & Gambescia, N. (2000)

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