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Council for Relationships' expert staff have contributed to numerous publications. The following is a sample of their published work.

The Ethical Space of Mindfulness in Clinical Practice, 2013
Donald McCown, PhD, MAMS, MSS, LSW

Guide to Understanding Fear of Recurrence, 1st ed.(b), 2011
Mary Alice Hartsock (contributions by Linda Abrams, Phd)

This guide was written with guidance from a team of healthcare professionals and women affected by breast cancer.

Download a free copy of our Guide to Understanding Fear of Recurrence.

Transcending Trauma
Survival, Resilience and Clinical Implications in Survivor Families

Bea Hollander-Goldfein, Nancy Isserman and Jennifer Goldenberg

Buy from Routledge Mental Health Press

Treating Infidelity: 
Therapeutic Dilemmas and Effective Strategies

Gerald R. Weeks, Nancy Gambescia
Systemic Sex Therapy
Katherine M. Hertlein, Gerald Weeks 
Hypoactive Sexual Desire:
Integrating Sex and Couple Therapy
Gerald R. Weeks, Nancy Gambescia
Erectile Dysfunction: Integrating 
Couple Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Medical Treatment

Nancy Gambescia
Become Closer:
A New Approach for Talking with Those You Love

William Montgomery. (2009)
Intimate Partner and Family Abuse:
A Casebook of Gender Inclusive Therapy

John Hamel (Editor), Kimberly Flemke is a contributor. (2008)
Ministry of Pastoral Guidance Counseling in Catholic Schools
Robert J. Murray, OSA (2008)
Available for purchase through the
National Catholic Educational Association

Social Work Diagnosis in Contemporary Practice
Francis J. Turner (Editor), Kimberly Flemke and
Jennifer Sparks are contributors. (2005)
Building Intimate Relationships:
Clinical Applications of the PAIRS Program

Rita DeMaria, Lori Heyman Gordon and
Mo Therese Hannah (Editors) (2002)
The Art of Living and the Fifty+ Woman
Anne H. Adams, Kimberly Flemke is a contributor. (2000)
Why Do Fools Fall in Love: Experiencing the
Magic, Mystery, and Meaning of Successful Relationships

Janice R. Levine (Editor), Rita DeMaria is a contributor. (2000)
Focused Genograms: Intergenerational Assessment of Individuals,
Couples and Families

Rita DeMaria, Gerald Weeks, and Larry Hof (1999)
Marriage Enrichment: Preparation, Outreach and Mentoring
Rita DeMaria, Robert Hunt, Larry Hof (1999)

Preventive Approaches in Couples Therapy
Edited by: R. Berger and M. Hannah, Rita. DeMaria is a
contributor. (1999)

Integrative Solutions:
Treating Common Problems in Couples Therapy

Gerald Weeks, Larry Hof, and April Westfall (1995)
The Marital-Relationship Therapy Casebook:
Theory and Application of the Intersystem Model

Gerald Weeks, Larry Hof, April Westfall, Diane Logan-Thompson, Bea Hollander-Goldfein, Joellyn Ross, Michael D'Antonio (1994)
Couples in Treatment
Gerald Weeks and Stephen Treat (1992)
Treating Couples: The Intersystem Model of the Marriage Council of Philadelphia
Stephen Treat, Bea Hollander-Goldfein, April Westfall,
Sherry Tucker (1989)
Remarriage and Blended Families
Stephen Treat (1988)
Pastoral Marital Therapy
Stephen Treat (1987)
Out of Print--Limited Availability
How to Succeed in Marriage
Stephen Treat (1987)
Integrating Sex and Marital Therapy: A Clinical Guide
Martin Goldberg, Stephen Treat (1987)

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