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Raymond McDevitt, MSS, LCSW

Staff Therapist, Center City, PA Office
215-575-9140 ext. 7

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What kind of therapist and executive coach am I? I consider myself an agent of change and healing. I help clients process negative events and feelings, past and present, towards a more positive outcome. When successful re-processing takes place, people’s lives and relationships improve significantly. I use the word agent because I facilitate my clients’ natural ability to deal with these incidents. Sometimes we just get stuck. Stuck with traumas, patterns, habits and defenses. I know that empathic understanding, bi-lateral stimulation (EMDR) and mindfulness practice can move people through the most difficult situations, bring focus and clarity to the present moment, and dissipate unwanted symptoms. I’ve watched these changes occur time and time again. There is no reason to remain stuck.

Imagine a place where you can be understood, where you can be heard and listened to, a space to say anything; all without being judged or evaluated. That’s my ideal therapeutic environment and the atmosphere I create in sessions. We all wish to be heard and understood . I know those qualities are important to me, personally, and I know they’re important to my clients. Therapy with me is deep, respectful, challenging and sometimes even fun.

I work with individuals, couples and families who range from adolescents to adults of all ages. My focus in therapy is to achieve the goals clients wish to work on, whether that’s symptom relief, recovery from loss, enhanced performance, improved communication, anger or conflict management, or simply improved well being. We work together to make sure that consistent progress is being made. It’s your therapy after all. I can’t do a good job without a measure - you’re the gauge of accomplishment. Not all therapies fit all clients. It’s important to find that fit. Up front I’ll present some of my approaches, including EMDR, Empathic Communication, Mindfulness and see if they might work. I only use techniques that are empirically tested and proven to have success. The three techniques mentioned are the main methods I use, but not exclusively. I have a big toolbox. Together, we’ll find which tools are best for you and get to work.

My areas of specialty include: trauma recovery, relationship matters, divorce recovery, anxiety issues, phobias, grief and loss, depression, conflict management, performance enhancement, and executive coaching. I enjoy working with individuals, couples and groups/families.

My clients would say that there is a gentle strength present in my sessions. I focus much more on positives than negatives - a competency perspective. They would also point out the use of humor. While there are often tears in therapy, there is also laughter. I believe all emotions are welcome in therapy, not only those that are typically associated there - sadness, anger, fear, shame... Yes, it’s a serious matter and yes we’ll go deep, but we will welcome all emotions that surface – tears, laughter and everything in between.

You may contact Raymond McDevitt, MSS, LCSW at 215-575-9140 ext. 7.

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