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Stephen R. Treat, DMin, LMFT

Senior Therapist, University City Philadelphia & Spring House, PA
CEO Emeritus
215-382-6680 ext. 3123

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Stephen R. Treat, DMin, LMFTDr. Stephen R. Treat is a Senior Therapist and former Director and CEO of Council for Relationships, the nation's oldest and largest counseling agency. In his role as CEO, he managed the running of 14 clinical offices throughout the Greater Philadelphia area, numerous professional and public educational programs, and his own busy clinical practice as CFR. Dr. Treat continues to see clients, teach at Thomas Jefferson University, consult with family businesses. He is an in-demand speaker, consultant and media expert. He could be seen regularly on local television programs such as NBC-10's 101 Show, CBS3's Talk Philly, and local news programs. He has appeared on national television shows, such as the Today Show. He's also been featured on numerous radio programs, and is often quoted for newspaper and magazine articles.

Dr. Treat works with individuals, couples, families and businesses to foster an understanding of how family systems work and how they improve. Additionally, he speaks and consults with universities, schools, religious organizations and non-profits.

Dr. Treat received his doctorate from the Andover Newton Theological Seminary in 1976. He completed post-doctoral work in Human Sexuality at the University of Pennsylvania and the Marriage and Family Therapy Training Program at Council for Relationships in 1981. He is licensed to practice marriage and family therapy in the state of Pennsylvania. In addition to being an instructor in Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Thomas Jefferson Medical College, he is a Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy , a member of the American Association of Pastoral Counseling.

Dr. Treat has co-authored two books, Pastoral Marital Therapy and Couples in Treatment: Techniques and Approaches for Effective Practice. In addition, he has published numerous book chapters and articles on process and content of marital and family therapy.

Stephen Treat, DMin, LMFT can be reached at 215-382-6680 ext. 3123.

Tip of the Week Articles Written By Stephen Treat, DMin, LMFT:

Media Engagements by Stephen Treat, DMin:

  • KYW Newsradio – Food Bullying
    Dr. Stephen F. Treat, DMin, LMFT discusses food bullying. 1/24/13
  • KYW News Radio - Unwedded Bliss
    Dr. Stephen Treat talks about couples who choose to live together and not get married - pros and cons. 6/27/12
  • CBS Philly - Cosmetic Addiction
    Dr. Stephen Treat discusses why people do crazy things to their bodies. 5/20/12
  • NBC 10 News - Fifty Shades of Grey
    Dr. Stephen Treat discusses the new book sensation, Fifty Shades of Grey. 3/28/12
  • CBS 3 News - PDA's: How Much Is Too Much?
    Dr. Stephen Treat explains how public displays of affection may prove that there really is no affection. 2/5/12
  • 6ABC Action News - Holiday Traditions
    Dr. Stephen Treat talks about the importance of holiday traditions for children. 11/21/11
  • NBC 10 News - Empty Nest? Save Your Marriage
    Dr. Stephen Treat shares helpful advice on how to put life back into your marriage after the kids leave the house.. 9/7/11

  • NBC 10 News - Marriage Advice
    Dr. Stephen Treat discusses marriage in a Father's Day article. 6/19/11
  • NBC 10! Show - Intervention 101
    Dr. Stephen Treat talks about helping a loved one with addiction. 2/20/11
  • Rodale Press' The Hartford - Embrace Your Empty Nest
    Dr. Stephen Treat discusses reinventing your life after the kids leave the house. 1/31/11
  • NBC 10! Show - Stress-Free Holidays
    Dr. Stephen Treat talks about getting through the holidays with minimal stress. 12/21/10
  • NBC 10 News - Why Men Cheat
    Dr. Stephen Treat discusses infidelity and the Eva Longoria and Tony Parker split. 11/16/10
  • NBC 10! Show - The Benefits of Counseling
    Dr. Stephen Treat explains why pre-marital and post-marital counseling can keep your marriage from ending in divorce. 7/8/10
  • NBC's TODAY Show - Happiness at 50
    Dr. Stephen Treat discusses a new study which shows that happiness begins at 50. 5/25/10
  • NBC 10 News - How to Treat Your Jobless Partner
    Dr. Stephen Treat discusses that while you may only be trying to help your jobless partner, you may be doing more harm than good. 5/3/10
  • NBC 10 News - Do You Have a Digital Addiction?
    Dr. Stephen Treat discusses a new study that likens digital device and internet overuse to drug and alcohol addiction. 4/28/10
  • NBC 10! Show - Staging a Comeback
    Dr. Stephen Treat talks about ways to redeem your relationship with helpful tips on how to make amends. 3/18/10
  • NBC 10! Show - Inside the Mind of An Olympian
    Dr. Stephen Treat is here to help us get inside the minds of the Olympians and find out what it takes to be the very best. 2/19/10
  • NBC 10! Show - How to Prevent Infidelity
    Relationship expert and CEO of Council for Relationships, Dr. Stephen Treat, explains why infidelity is so huge among celebrities right now, such as Tiger Woods, and what you can do to prevent infidelity from occurring in your relationship. 12/3/09
  • NBC 10! Show - Strengthening the The Mother-Daughter Bond
    Relationship expert and CEO of Council for Relationships, Dr. Stephen Treat, discusses some tips to keep that mother/daughter bond alive and well through the years. 5/5/09
  • NBC 10! Show - When Is It Time to Grow Up?
    Relationship expert and CEO of Council for Relationships, Dr. Stephen Treat, discusses issues on growing up! Do we have to? Do we need to? And if so when and why? 5/4/09
  • NBC 10! Show - Reconciling
    CEO of Council For Relationships, Dr. Stephen Treat, gives advice on forgiving family members to get through the holidays. 12/23/08
  • NBC 10! Show - The Importance of Giving Thanks
    Dr. Stephen Treat, CEO of Council For Relationships, gives advice on expressing thanks to the special people in your life. 11/25/08
  • NBC 10! Show - Election Day Nerves
    Election Day is here and everyone is anticipating the winner. Dr. Stephen Treat, CEO of Council For Relationships, explains how to deal with the nerves that come along with the election. 11/4/08
  • NBC Today Show - Prepare Your Marriage for Retirement
    "Dr. Stephen Treat, the director and CEO of the Council for Relationships, talks with "Today" host Matt Lauer about the ups and downs couples face when they retire." 3/15/05

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