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Helping Vets Get Help

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Training Summary

The Transcending Trauma Project (TTP) and Operation Home and Healing (OHH) have joined together to address the need to provide appropriately trained therapists to work with post deployment veterans and families. TTP has researched extreme trauma in WWII survivors and their families. OHH specializes in treatment for post deployment service members and their families. In particular the need is great to provide services to National Guard and Reserve personnel and families post deployment as they are not covered under Military One care. While online programs exist, there is little that addresses the needs of the Guard and the Reserve in the Philadelphia area. We are offering an intense, focused training program for therapists, given by Council staff and experts on the military that integrates the trauma and resiliency findings of TTP with the best in military post deployment therapy practice.

Four intensive training sessions will educate therapists about military culture, behavioral health issues in military individuals and families, and best treatment approaches for them, within a framework that incorporates the impact of trauma on military individuals, couples and families.

Participants will learn:

  • how our Armed Forces operate
  • key components of the military branches’ cultures with a special emphasis on the National Guard and other reservist units
  • the range and scope of behavioral problems, how they are unique for the military, and treatment approaches that work.

Each session costs $100 per person.

Participants will earn 6.5 CEUs for each session.

Training organizers:

Nancy Isserman, Ph.D.;
Bea Hollander-Goldfein, Ph.D., LMFT;
Edd Conboy, MS, MFT;
Will Barnes, Ph.D., LMFT, CH, COL, Ret.

Email nisserman@councilforrelationships.org for more information.













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