Author Archive: Adam Goodman, JD, MFT

7 Dec

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): How to Keep the Winter Blues Away

Adam Goodman is a Staff Therapist at Council for Relationships and a licensed attorney.   Every year as Thanksgiving passes and Christmas creeps up, many people start to notice a change in how they feel. This change almost always coincides with the beginning of colder weather… Read More

9 Nov

When to See a Couples Therapist

This blog post was originally published on Counsel Philadelphia and is shared here with the author's permission. Your relationship may seem like its been in trouble for a while.  It may be that you are not communicating anymore or there is a lack of sex… Read More

1 Nov

Introducing November’s Featured Therapist: Adam Goodman, JD, MFT

Every month, Council for Relationships highlights one of our staff therapists on the blog. November's Featured Therapist Adam Goodman is a therapist and a licensed attorney. In addition to depression and anxiety, his expertise includes helping professionals in high-pressure careers, career counseling and couples counseling. Check out… Read More

3 Oct

Coping with the Las Vegas Shooting: A Therapist’s Advice from Adam Goodman

I personally have never experienced trauma related to gun violence. But, the emotion I feel each time this happens is hopelessness. Our society has adopted a certain performance mechanism to these acts of terror—we awaken with shock and horror, but quickly bury these emotions. Instead,… Read More