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16 Feb

I am a Man

This is an excerpt from an article in the 2015 issue of Ebony Magazine, titled, I am a Man. The path to manhood has more curves than Rihanna. How does a dude know when he’s grown? George James, Psy.D., gives EBONY the ultimate man milestones.… Read More

29 Sep

Enough Blame to Go Around

It’s football Sunday. Usually when I get a chance, I watch the pregame show to hear the analysis of the upcoming matchups and listen to the tips so I can make any last minute changes to my fantasy football team. But for two Sundays in… Read More

3 Feb

Sexuality: The Impact on Team Dynamics

Last week, University of Missouri football player and NFL draft hopeful Michael Sam publicly announced that he is gay. In April, Jason Collins, a former NBA player, shared the same announcement. The reaction to their news has been mostly positive thus far; President Obama has… Read More