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Classes, Workshops & Groups

Our classes, workshops, and group offerings are intended as an introduction or supplement to the tools learned in therapy. All of our programs are taught by CFR’s experienced Staff Therapists.

Council for Relationships can also bring customized programs to your location. If you or your organization have a specific topic of interest and would like to make a suggestion for a future classes or schedule a class for your group, please contact us at

CLASSES: Educational classes provide practical strategies in a range of our Staff Therapists’ expert subject areas including parenting, stress and anxiety management, couples communication skills, and more. 

WORKSHOPS: Council for Relationships offers relationship education and personal empowerment workshops to help individuals heal, grow, and thrive in the areas of their lives that are most important. We help people who want to improve their relationship skills, manage their emotions, grow, or develop their sense of self, as well as individuals and couples who are looking to learn new and effective ways to deal with challenges.

GROUPS: Sometimes working through emotions in a group context can be more powerful than doing the work of self-exploration on your own. CFR offers groups on a range of topics where individuals can share, listen, and participate in a dialogue in a safe and supportive environment. Meetings are led by staff therapists and can be open discussion groups or support groups.

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