The Power of the Personal

The New York Times recently published a short but hopeful essay, “Transference? I’ll Take It“, by Michelle Huneven about a successful  round of therapy that eventually led her to falling in love and getting married. As a relationship therapist, I often think about the relationships and experiences that clients bring with them to therapy and…

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Including Yourself in the Equation

June 10, 2013

Staff Therapist Wanda Sevey, MDiv, MFT is skilled at helping individuals, couples and families with communication and relationship skill building; LGBT issues; reducing and coping with stress; sex issues for couples and individuals; recovery from affairs; and anxiety and depression.  When things go well for us at our beginning, we experience ourselves as the most beautiful baby…

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A Little Distance Can Make the Heart Grow Fonder

July 23, 2012

One of the great joys of working with couples in therapy is coaching them on strategies to remove the obstacles that are keeping them from the happy, intimate relationship they are wanting for themselves. It may sound strange but one path to greater closeness is a little distance. I don’t mean separate vacations or any…

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Growing Closer – How Couples Become Their Own Counselors

June 11, 2012

Of all the ways partners can grow closer to one another, the most important one is to speak and listen to one another from their hearts. One sure sign of this kind of communication is when I hear a husband say “I could see that my wife was angry but I suspected that she was…

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The Unique Needs of Clergy and Their Families

In my work with clergy I’ve seen the effects of the unique pressures and stressors on the leaders of their communities of faith and their relationships with their partners and families. These include: Flexible Relationship Boundaries: Unlike most helping professions a clergy person is invited and expected to relate to congregants in homes, hospital rooms,…

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