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25 Oct

How to Deal with Halloween Anxiety

Halloween is a time of frights, horror, and of course, candy.  Although goblins and ghouls can entice some, for many it can be a time of terror - not the good kind. For some, it can heighten anxiety that was present before the trick or… Read More

24 Oct

What to Expect When Meeting a Therapist for the First Time

The idea of starting therapy can incite all kinds of different emotions--fear, excitement, trepidation, or relief. Perhaps you are in the midst of a significant life change; a breakup, a job loss, or a location change. Such transitions may evoke stress but can also be… Read More

3 Oct

Coping with the Las Vegas Shooting: How to Respond When We Feel Powerless

It was the first thing we heard yesterday when we woke up here in Eastern Standard Time.  There had been another mass shooting, this time in Las Vegas at an outdoor music festival. It was the worst shooting in our national history, said the news. After the devastation… Read More

3 Oct

Practicing Everyday Self-Care in the Wake of Tragedy

Once again, we are in shock at the capacity of a human being to damage and kill other people—and there is nothing comprehensible about such carnage. The many feelings you may feel at a time like this—shock, anger, sadness, horror, fear, hopelessness—can easily lead to… Read More

3 Oct

Coping with the News of a Mass Shooting: Fighting Fear with Love

Waking up in the aftermath of a tragedy is jarring. This morning, I reached for my phone alarm, but before I could press snooze, I was startled by the number of texts from my friends and family. A CNN alert proclaimed a mass shooting. I… Read More

1 Oct

Getting to know October’s Featured Therapist Cassie Stiffler, MFT

Every month, Council for Relationships highlights one of our staff therapists on the blog. Read our interview below with October's Featured Therapist Cassie Stiffler, MFT. Tell us a little about what makes you unique as a therapist and person: First and foremost, I am a… Read More

25 Sep

“Why Won’t My Therapist Just Tell Me What to Do?” A Response from Ben King

Last week. NY Magazine posted this What your Therapist Really Thinks article by Lori Gottlieb, which addressed the question "Why won't my therapist just tell me what to do?" Throughout this article, the author makes several great arguments as to why a therapist doesn’t, and in… Read More

20 Sep

Is Therapy a Good Idea for You?

  For many people, seeing a therapist isn’t an exciting idea. You may think that you should be able to deal with any problem life throws at you, your family or friends will look at you in a negative light if they knew, therapy will… Read More

1 Sep

Getting to know September’s Featured Therapist, Ben King, MFT

Every month, Council for Relationships highlights one of our staff therapists on the blog. Read our interview below with September's Featured Therapist Ben King, MFT. When tasked with writing about myself, I wanted to make sure that I was writing to the right person -… Read More

23 Aug

What an Eclipse and Therapy Have in Common

A commentator said of Monday’s eclipse, “Everyone was just a person with something in common at that moment.”  At Council for Relationships, we know that the need for therapy is something that everyone has in common – either at certain points in life or on… Read More