We do, of course, face questions and criticisms. One question we get the most: “Why are two black women leading a charge that is all about serving black men? Why didn’t you start this for women?”

In response, we tell them this service is for black women, too. Healing pain and trauma in black men can help to heal us all, by repairing and building healthy relationships among black men, women, and children, as well as increasing the emotional wellness and mental stability of our communities. And while our services are geared toward black men and men of color, our doors are open to all men.

Through this work, we are learning that solutions arise when we get tired of talking about a problem — of merely calling for awareness — and decide to start tackling it.

Tasnim Sulaiman is CEO of TazTalkTherapy. Zakia Williams is CEO of Interface Psych Services. They are cofounders of Black Men Heal.