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Everything you need to know about CFR’s Online Therapy

July 17, 2018

Who is a good candidate?

At Council for Relationships, we believe that everyone can benefit from therapy at some point in their lives. Every year, our therapists help thousands of clients live their best lives by helping them improve their important relationships.

Our Online Therapy services are intended for clients who cannot see our clinicians at one of our 10 Greater Philadelphia offices in person. At this time, we are only able to provide this service to clients who are located in Pennsylvania, the state where our participating therapists are licensed.

Because Council for Relationships is committed to providing high-quality care and ensuring each prospective client receives the appropriate level of care, it is important that we conduct an assessment to determine if Online Therapy is appropriate for your situation. In some circumstances, the therapist may determine face-to-face therapy or other levels of care are better than Online Therapy for your situation. You can find more information about the situations for which Online Therapy would not be beneficial here.

How does it work?

First, you will choose a therapist and reach out to them to express interest in Online Therapy. If you have questions about choosing a therapist, contact our Client Care team at (215) 382 6680 ext. 1.

Before you become a client, the therapist will email you to learn about your needs, send you a brief form to be returned, and schedule a free 15-30 minute assessment on our video conferencing platform. If the therapist determines that this is a good therapeutic fit for you, they will send you an intake packet to complete before your first session. If CFR determines that Online Therapy is not a good fit for your situation, the therapist will refer you to other therapists or resources.

How is it different from traditional therapy?

CFR Online Therapy allows you to connect with your therapist in a safe and private online environment. Our Staff Therapists are some of the best in the Philadelphia area, and now you can meet with them online from anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania. Our Online Therapy is delivered via video conferencing software, not instant messaging or voice calls. Research has shown that Online Therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy.

Sessions are conducted through, a simple and secure web-based program that allows you to communicate by webcam with your clinician. Council for Relationships is committed to ensuring the highest quality of care, so our Staff Therapists have undergone extensive Online Therapy training. We want to make sure that you are just as satisfied with your Online Therapy experience as our clients have been with our face-to-face therapy services for over 85 years.

Can couples do Online Therapy?

Yes! Council for Relationships has been a leader in couple’s therapy for over 85 years. Now, we are pleased to offer Online Therapy for couples, a discreet and convenient option. Our secure, web-based video conferencing platform,, is equipped to handle three-way calls if you and your partner are in different locations.

What do I need in order to participate?

You will need a computer or tablet (not a phone) with a web camera, microphone, and speakers. You will also need to be in a private and quiet location for your Online Therapy sessions. We recommend a well-lit room with no distractions. You will need to use Firefox or Chrome as your internet browser. For optimal call performance, it is important that you are connected to high-speed internet.

How can I sign up? 

To request an Online Therapy appointment, please reach out to a therapist directly using the contact info on their profile. If you’re not sure which clinician you’d like to see, or if you have a question that wasn’t answered on our FAQs page, you can get in touch using this form or by calling our Client Care team at (215) 382-6680 ext 1.