Clergy Zoom Sessions

Zoom Clergy Care Sessions are an opportunity for clergy to meet virtually for 90 minutes to support and encourage one another and to think systemically about what is happening in our congregations and faith communities. We will facilitate three clergy groups in helping all of us to systemically think through what we are observing. One of the great take a ways about ‘systemic thinking’ is that we can take the position of observer, and think about the emotional process that is playing out with individuals and our faith communities.

In each session we will discuss, self-care, anxiety, the uniqueness of maintaining family, work, and personal boundaries during our safe at home time. You’ll learn how to conduct virtual Pastoral Care, and the aftermath, when we are responsible for 100,000 + funerals.



  • The Rev. Dr. Dolores E. Littleton (Dee), Director, Post-Graduate Certificate Program, Clergy Track
  • Rev. Dr. Steve Treat, CEO Emeritus of Council for Relationships
  • Rabbi Margot Stein. 2020 Graduating Clergy Intern at Council for Relationships


These three sessions will be identical in presented content so please only sign up for one. If the conversations fill up, Steve, Margot and I are willing to add additional Zoom meetings as needed so that all who are interested can participate. If this is something that is helpful, I am willing to schedule a second round to deepen the conversation.

These conversations are free and part of CFR’s outreach and support to our community.   Each Zoom session will be limited to 35 participants. Register below: 

First ConversationMonday, April 20th
1:00pm - 2:30pm
Second ConversationTuesday, April 21st
1:00pm - 2:30pm


Several questions to inform your thinking as you prepare for our Zoom Clergy Care Session are:

  1. What are ways of managing the automatic fear reaction and maintain thoughtfulness (some suggestions available)?
  2. How does the media impact tone and emotional reactivity?
  3. What might be ways of externalizing fears and becoming self-observing during this crisis?

Workshops for Clergy

One day “lunch and learn” workshops are available for members of the clergy and mental health professionals looking for further education from a clinical perspective. Topics can include:

  • Grief Counseling
  • First Responders: Counseling for Military Families
  • The Impact of Social Media on Relationships, Community and Congregational Life

All of the workshops for clergy are being offered online. Click here to check out our upcoming workshops. 

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