“Conversation Hearts” for Valentine’s Day and Everyday

February 12, 2007

NECCO began putting funny little sayings on chalky-tasting candy hearts back in the 1800’s. Maybe you remember them from grade school. Old classics like “Be Mine” and “Truly Yours”. Racy ones (to a 2nd grader!) like “Kiss Me.” Recent additions for the modern age such as “E-Mail Me” and “Be My Icon.”

At Council for Relationships, therapists have been creating “Conversation Hearts for Valentine’s Day and Everyday” since 1932 – encouraging couples to deepen their sense of connection, support each other as individuals and handle disagreements in productive ways. Reach into this candy bowl and see what speaks to you!

♥ “Luv You” (April Westfall) Cultivate a soulful and deeply physical bond with your partner.

 “Gimme Hugs” (Lucy Raizman) The “cuddle hormone” (oxytocin) promotes physical well-being and emotional connection. It is released when we touch, hug or hold hands.

 “Let’s Date” (Bill Coffey) Establish a regular date night to maintain your relationship.

 “Money Talk” (Margaret Shapiro) Learn how to talk about money in terms of its emotional significance in your relationship.

 “Stay Connected” (George James) Keep talking and listening to each other, even during difficult times in your relationship.

 “Tell Me” (Michele Marsh) Find a way to talk with each other about your desires for emotional and physical intimacy.

 “Starting Over” (Judy Rader) Getting back into the dating scene after a breakup.


Dr. Sara Corse is the Director of Council for Relationships’ Community Partnership Initiative. She is also the author of “Cradled All the While: The Unexpected Gifts of a Mother’s Death.”  Request an appointment with Dr. Corse today.