Counseling Services

ADHD Assessment

Council for Relationships provides ADD/ADHD assessment with a doctoral level clinician meeting one-to-one with the client to assess for attention related deficits. Assessment is appropriate for children (minimum age 8) and adults that are experiencing problems related to attention.

For Parents:

  • Is your child having difficulty functioning in school?
  • Has your child’s academic performance declined?
  • Is your child having behavioral problems?
  • Does your child’s teacher frequently report that he/she is hyperactive, inattentive, or easily distracted in school?

For Adults:

  • Are you struggling at work to complete tasks?
  • Do you have difficulty focusing during meetings or long presentations?
  • Do you often miss important details at work?
  • Do you often miss deadlines at work?

The ADD/ADHD assessment at Council for Relationships is completed over 3 sessions:

Session 1 Intake: The clinician will meet with the client (and/or parents) to gather background info.

Session 2 Testing: The clinician meets with the client to complete the testing. Over the next 2 weeks, the clinician will consult with a Licensed Psychologist to score, interpret and write a formal report.

Session 3 Feedback: The formal report is reviewed at the feedback session, with the parents. In addition, the clinician will provide any recommendations or referrals clinically appropriate for client. The client/family may submit the formal report to the school district, or other professionals involved, at their discretion.

Each assessment includes:
• Testing measures for attention deficits
• Behavior rating form(s)
• Projective Measure
• A formal report including treatment recommendations

If you are interested in our ADD/ADHD assessment, please complete our online request form, or email us at for more information.