End of Summer or Never-Ending Summer?

It’s mid-August and there are, what feels like, many days left until the kiddos return to school. Camps are completed and vacations are now just (mostly) happy memories.

How do we survive the next days with the kids while trying to do some work and stay cool, literally and symbolically?

Well, as the Quakers say, “There is no way to peace.  Peace is the way”.  I tell myself there is no way to stay cool.  Staying cool is the way.  So, I break down each day into small chunks to keep from being overwhelmed.

Our family will plan either 2 small activities for AM and PM or a longer day that starts later and ends earlier.  Rest or quiet time is very important to us when the weather is hot and patience can wear thin quickly.  We try to be inside during the hottest times of the day and incorporate exercise, music, art, reading, writing, and cooking into each day since these are our favorite activities.  There is also hammock time in the backyard every day.  We vary the types of exercise, art, etc.  One day will be bicycle riding in AM and making art cards in PM.  A different day will be drawing super heroes in AM and swimming in PM.  Third day will be hiking in the woods with a packed lunch (and trail mix w/chocolate chips for motivation) for most of the day.  The kiddos will pack their own lunches.  We keep a list of ideas for activities and places to visit at hand.  And we also keep a “Small Moments” jar to record meaningful times that we may not write in on the calendar e.g. watching a Golden Retriever chase a frisbee for 10 minutes or playing hopscotch with our young neighbors for 15 minutes.  Evenings bring games, movies, and planning interesting meals for the next day.

So may peace be with you and staying cool also be with you.  I hope you enjoy the rest of summer before homework and commuting to school returns.