CFR Receives The Consortium’s Community Forward Award

Council for Relationships is a community-based nonprofit counseling organization that provides a unique combination of comprehensive services, education and research that help people understand, respect, and improve the quality of the important relationships in their lives.

More than 60 therapists and psychiatrists in 10 offices in the Greater Philadelphia area provide high-quality counseling, workshops, and training to individuals, couples and families. CFR is also a leader in clinical education, with more than 50 highly-supervised interns providing low-fee counseling. The Community Partnerships Initiative increases access to counseling services for at-risk populations through 11 partner locations.

Also operating in Philadelphia, the Consortium is a community mental health organization providing “Diverse Services For Diverse People With Diverse Needs.” They serve thousands of people living with behavioral health concerns, intellectual disabilities and substance abuse. Serving West and Southwest Philadelphia since 1967, the Consortium is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. 

As part of the organization’s 50th anniversary celebration, the Consortium recognized three local leaders. Among them, Council for Relationships is the proud recipient of the Consortium’s Community Forward Award! The Consortium presented this award in recognition of CFR’s efforts to promote better understanding between people, families, and neighborhoods.

Council for Relationships and the Consortium are both dedicated to providing high-quality mental health care. CFR would like to express its gratitude for the award. We value the opportunity to work alongside great organizations like the Consortium towards common goals in our community.

Congratulations to our fellow awardees, Senator Bob Casey and Glenn Ellis Sr, and to the Consortium for 50 great years. Here’s to 50 more!