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CFR Receives Green Family Foundation Grants

Council for Relationships (CFR) received $165,000 from the Green Family Foundation in the form of a Capacity Building Grant ($115,000) to support strategic plan development, Diversity Equity Inclusion/Human Resources development, technology and marketing upgrades, and General Operating Support ($50,000).

CFR is one of the oldest relational counseling centers in the country. Founded in 1932 by Dr. Emily Mudd, the original mission of the organization was to provide education on family health issues. CFR continues that legacy today, providing mental health services to support family and relational health to people throughout the greater Philadelphia region, never refusing service due to inability to pay. Recognized as a leader in the mental health field, CFR is at a pivotal point to define a strategic vision for its future that emphasizes building a staff infrastructure and brand awareness that strengthens client care and partnerships in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond.

“This grant will allow CFR to consult best practices in mental health care and refresh our mission and vision through a short-term review of our operations and infrastructure,” said new CEO, Dr. Jeannine L. Lisitski. “With the help of local experts, CFR plans to thoroughly examine it operations, policies, and organizational culture.”

To define its mission and vision, CFR must complete a thorough review of its programs and services, clinical care operations, human resources, and technology and marketing needs. Conducting a short-term plan of action, guided by experts who understand CFR’s work, will provide insight on how to better position the organization in the mental health field and provide a safe, welcoming, and trust-based environment for CFR’s clinicians and clients.

With the generous support of the Green Family Foundation, newly hired CFR clinicians and clinical interns will be provided close clinical supervision and training and afforded ongoing professional development free of cost enabling them to walk alongside and support their clients. This grant will enable CFR to remove barriers for new and future clinicians and provide access to tools that help to make lasting change in the lives of their clients and client families and communities. Because of the Green Family Foundation, affordable services will be within reach and intergenerational patterns will be broken.

About The Daniel B. & Florence E. Green Foundation:

The Green Family Foundation invests in organizations that possess capable and courageous leadership, innovative approaches to addressing social problems, and a fierce commitment to making a substantial impact.

About Council for Relationships:

Council for Relationships is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people from all walks of life improve their important relationships by providing exemplary therapy, educating and training clinicians in the family systems approach, and advancing the mental health field through research.

More than 70 therapists and psychiatrists provide counseling to individuals, couples, and families in-person at 10 offices and community-based locations in the greater Philadelphia area and online across PA & NJ. Additionally, more than 60 clinical interns per year participating in CFR’s clinician education programs provide counseling on a sliding fee scale. We are committed to providing quality counseling services to all in need, regardless of ability to pay. To learn more, visit

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