Council for Relationships Alumna Releases New Book

June 30, 2014

Dr. Lee Ann P. Etscovitz, a 2008 graduate of the Council for Relationships Post Graduate Certificate Program, has announced the release of her new book, An Inner Roadmap of Gender Transformation.

As a former professor of Education and Human Relations and current Marriage and Family therapist specializing in LGBT issues, Dr. Etscovitzhas spent a lifetime exploring the inner dimension of the human condition, especially the transgender experience. Her new book is a soul-searching and thought-provoking exploration of the inner and outer struggles faced by many transsexuals as well as others within the LGBT community. Straight allies seeking a resource for a fuller understanding of the LGBT experience will find this book very simply written and relatable on a human level. Her book especially helps parents make sense of what they face with their LGBT children.

Lee Ann’s willingness to share her personal stories of growing up and living as a closeted transsexual allows the reader to actually feel what it was like for her to live secretly for many years with gender discomfort and then finally facing her fears in order to live her truth. Her book of poetry, Let the Dandelions Grow, also gives the reader a felt sense of the transsexual struggle as well as the broader human condition. In fact, every chapter in her new book begins with a related quotation from her book of poetry, which means the two books work together.

Both publications are available on and Kindle.