Council for Relationships Staff Present at Philadelphia Trauma Training Conference

August 6, 2019 | Last week, hundreds of educators, clinicians, and mental health advocates gathered at the East Falls Campus of Thomas Jefferson University for the third annual Philadelphia Trauma Training Conference. Jefferson’s Department of Counseling and Behavioral Health, part of the College of Health Professions, organized the affair.

Staff Therapists Briana Bogue, LMFT, and Rita DeMaria, PhD, LMFT presented at the Philadelphia Trauma Training Conference. 


Several CFR staff members and clinicians presented at the conference:

  • Briana Bogue, LMFT and Nancy Isserman, PhD presented Intergenerational Trauma Transmission (ITT) Research in Urban Societies of Color, showing how Council’s own Transcending Trauma Project can serve as a model for understanding and replicating ITT research in urban families of color.
  • Rita DeMaria, PhD, LMFT and Briana Bogue, LMFT presented Cultivating Clinical and Counseling Tools to Heal Attachment Trauma Bonds. This workshop explored a framework for a therapeutic alliance that differentiates four therapeutic styles, enhancing the formation of a safe and secure therapeutic relationship.
  • Bea Hollander-Goldfein, PhD, LPC, LMFT and Frani Pollack, PhD, MSW shared Historical Trauma: Transcending Trauma Project (TTP) and Home Based Family Therapy. TTP’s study of three generations of Holocaust Survivor families has shown the mediating role of qualitative family dynamics. Dr. Hollander-Goldfein and Dr. Pollack explore how this related to the Home Based Family Therapy Model that promotes healing from systemic traumatic.

Council for Relationships partners with Jefferson to offer a Master’s of Family Therapy degree. The master’s program is housed in the Department of Counseling and Behavioral Health in the College of Health Professions. Learn more about the Master’s of Family Therapy program here.