Council for Relationships’ Statement re: Supreme Court Ruling to Overturn Roe v. Wade

June 27, 2022 | The fall of the nearly 50-year Roe v. Wade precedent has hit like a social earthquake on opposite poles with many Americans grieving while others are celebrating. Regardless of your position, this is an historic event in that it is a rollback of individual civil rights that people have relied on over many decades. This decision has emotional and psychological impacts throughout the nation with some feeling difficult emotions including loss of agency and traumatization. It affects each and every one of us differently.

However, this decision will disproportionately impact those who are already marginalized and oppressed, specifically racial minorities, people with disabilities, and those who lack economic privilege. As with previous laws left to the States, equality in access to medical care related to reproduction will be diminished.

When power is wrested away from us, we can internalize that lack of autonomy as a lack of worth.

Abortion is a deeply personal decision, and for some people, is a decision that they cannot support. This position can also cause difficulty and isolation. Regardless of what position you take or the emotions that you are experiencing, in therapy, these feelings can be expressed and processed  in a safe space. 

Whatever your story is, we see you and you are not alone. Council for Relationships provides counseling to individuals, couples, and families in-person at 10 offices and community-based locations in the greater Philadelphia area and online across PA & NJ. We are committed to providing quality therapy to all, regardless of ability to pay. To get support, please call 215-382-6680 or request an appointment online.