Master’s in Family Therapy Program Featured in Jefferson’s Publication

September 11, 2019 | Council for Relationships and Thomas Jefferson University have a partnership that offers graduate students pursuing an education in counseling services a defined career path. The 2-year Master’s in Family Therapy program enables graduate students to receive invaluable training, supervision from experienced Clinicians, and the opportunity to complete their required clinical hours in a comprehensive learning environment. The graduate students work closely with CFR-affiliated Jefferson faculty members who support them in becoming qualified counselors and therapists. The Master’s program is helping to meet the demand for qualified counselors and therapists, which is greater than ever amidst the devastating opioid crisis that Philadelphia is currently facing.

Deb D’Arcangelo, CFR CEO, and Ken Covelman PhD, Director of Joint MFT Program for CFR and Thomas Jefferson University, share their insights on the importance of the Master’s program and CFR’s dedication to offering this unique academic opportunity to graduate students.

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