Shadeen Francis, MFT, Explains Why Millennials are Experiencing Quarter-Life Crises on CBS 3

November 21, 2017

Nicole Brewer of CBS 3 reached out to our Staff Therapist Shadeen Francis, MFT, for comment on new research suggesting that three out of four millennials experience a quarter-life crisis.

From the pressure to buy a home to maintaining a successful career and finding your life partner, there are several contributing factors.

“A lot of clients that come in feel like they’ve been sold a dream that is unattainable,” said Shadeen Francis, a therapist with the Council for Relationships.

Francis has worked with a wide range of millennial clients and says they’re experiencing a different landscape, thanks to high levels of debt and a tendency to compare.

“Also, there’s an interesting way in which we’ve cultivated millennial culture. We were first to be told we could do anything, be anything.”

Francis says it’s prime fodder for anxiety, insecurity and instability, which is why she says it’s important to stop keeping score on social media and surround yourself with a real-life social network.

“I think a lot of millennials would be surprised to know how many people are feeling unsure or insecure where they are in their journey,” said Francis.

Watch the full video on CBS 3.


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