Congratulations to Staff Clinicians on their Recent Accomplishments

February 26, 2019 | We are pleased to share that three of CFR staff clinicians have recently completed certification or licensure.

Left to right: Martha Rinehart, Alishia Kalos, and Tracey Tanenbaum


Martha Rinehart, PhD, LMFT is now a licensed marriage and family therapist. Her goal is to empower clients to find increased meaning and purpose in their lives by helping them make sense of their past, strengthen their meaningful relationships, and improve their ability to make life choices that promote health and happiness. Learn more about Dr. Rinehart here.

Alishia Kalos, Psy.D., CST is now a certified sex therapist. She has specialized experience in addressing sexual and relational concerns such as intimacy, communication, desire, arousal, satisfaction, pain, unusual sexual interests, and more. Dr. Kalos also works with clients who have major health-related changes or chronic illnesses. She provides services in both English and Spanish. Learn more about Dr. Kalos here. | En español.

Tracey Tanenbaum, M.Ed, LMFT is now a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has a special interest in adolescents and young adults as well as those facing illness and other emotional life transitions. Additionally, she is a queer- and trans-affirming therapist. Learn more about Ms. Tanenbaum here.


Please join us in congratulating our staff on these accomplishments!

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