Transcending Trauma Project Hosts Intergenerational Conversation with Children and Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors

May 30, 2019 | Earlier this month, the Transcending Trauma Project hosted a discussion with children and grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors at Merion Tribute House. The conversation was moderated by CFR board member Robert Perkel and included Sharon Pollack and Elana Baurer, daughter and granddaughter of Survivors, and Mark and David Tykocinski, son and grandson of Survivors.

Mark Tykocinski, Ira Pierce, and Lisa Hoffstein | Find more photos on our Facebook page.


The event raised more than $12,000 for the Transcending Trauma Project and will support trauma treatment and trainings, Holocaust education, and ongoing research.

Host committee member Lisa Hoffstein commented, “It was a wonderful gathering of people who care deeply about the life lessons and experience of Survivor families and the opportunities we have to improve the lives of others facing epic traumas. I am personally thrilled to be the newest member of the Transcending Trauma team and look forward to the incredibly meaningful and impactful work ahead.”

The Transcending Trauma Project is the only Holocaust research initiative of its kind that has conducted in-depth psycho-social histories with survivor families spanning three generations, focusing on the intergenerational transmission of trauma as well as resilience. Following thirty years of intensive interviews, TTP is now turning its attention to dissemination and impact including education, trauma treatment and training as well as community development, and continued research.

Thank you to our generous sponsors, the host committee, and everyone who attended and made this event possible.

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Panelists and moderator | Find more photos on our Facebook page.