Council for Relationships launches program to meet the unique psychological needs of women

March 5, 2018 | Council for Relationships launches a Women’s Psychological Health Services program this week. The program will help women who are: experiencing psychiatric or psychological symptoms related to infertility, pregnancy, or postpartum; have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or death of an infant; have mood changes related to menopause or premenstrual syndrome; or who are experiencing difficulties related to breast or gynecologic cancers.

The conditions listed above often go undetected or untreated.  Council for Relationships hopes that more women will get the help that they need at Women’s Psychological Health Services. Services offered include individual counseling, couple and family therapy, sex therapy, and psychiatric medication treatment and referrals. More than 20 therapists and psychiatrists will see clients through WPHS at 8 of CFR’s 10 offices.

“This program will be helpful in getting many women the specialized psychological treatment that they need,” said Dr. Jane Summers, Director of Women’s Psychological Health Services (WPHS). “The expertise and different therapeutic interventions available ensure that each woman is able to receive the treatment that will be most helpful for her.”

Dr. Summers pointed out that women are often left to navigate difficult medical situations without the psychological support that would be beneficial. WPHS’ approach prioritizes understanding the unique issues that affect the emotional health of women such as reproductive health, hormonal changes over the lifespan, and challenges created by family and societal roles.

Council for Relationships is a long-time leader in providing individual, couple, and family therapy and training the next generation of therapists through its academic programs. “As an organization, we are constantly evolving so we can better meet the needs of our clients,” noted Deb D’Arcangelo, CEO. “We are pleased to have Dr. Summers on board working with so many of our therapists and psychiatrists to provide these services.”

Dr. Summers previously served as the Medical Director of Pennsylvania Hospital Women’s Mental Health Program and, most recently, developed and directed the Women’s Behavioral Health Program at Crozer Chester Medical Center. Dr. Summers received her Medical Degree from Georgetown University and completed her psychiatry residency training at the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital. She has been in practice for 28 years.

For more information about CFR’s Women’s Psychological Health Services or to request an appointment, please visit