Sex Therapy Program Tuition & Financial Aid

Council for Relationships Post Graduate Sex Therapy Training Program 2021-2022 Tuition Costs

(3) 30 CE Credit Sex Therapy Classes$1236 per course
Group Supervision$1545 (25 hours)
Individual Supervision $155/hour as scheduled (not required)
10 CE Credit SAR$400/10 hours
Sex Therapy Workshops$206 (5 CE Credits)
Non-Refundable Tuition Deposit (due from the time of acceptance)$500
Application Fee$50 (Waived if applying online)

Total Approximate Cost for the Year: (Subject to Change)
1 year = $5,653 – (3 required courses, group supervision, 2 SARS)

Financial Aid

The deadline for 2021 has now closed.

Please be mindful that Council for Relationships is a non-profit organization. Our scholarship fund consists of donor contributions and is given based on need on a first-come-first-serve basis. Scholarships are up to $1,000 per year.

Council for Relationships is not a Title IV organization. Therefore, tuition is not tax deductible. Please check with your tax advisor for further information.