Leah Brecher-Cohn, LMFT, MA, MS

Leah Brecher-Cohn, LMFT, MA, MS

Staff Therapist
(215) 382-6680 ext. 7007

Ms. Brecher-Cohn is a licensed marriage and family therapist whose work is guiding good people through their challenges to rediscover their goodness.  She does this by applying an eclectic mix of psychological approaches, educational techniques, and spiritual practices while providing compassionate support and practical feedback.  Ms. Brecher-Cohn draws upon her experience in the arts and business world in supporting her clients in areas where professional and personal issues intersect.  Ms. Brecher-Cohn has helped couples and individuals to rediscover joy in everyday life, manifest and sustain desired personal relationships, create meaningful success, address health challenges, resolve separation and divorce respectfully, manage stress, and move through significant life transitions.


Fee: $$$-$$$$

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