OHH/Work with Veterans – Workshops

For Mental Health Professionals working with active military or veterans

Are you a counselor, social worker, clergy, or other professional who works with the military or veteran population? We offer specialized training to learn about military culture and the emotional impact of service on the individual service member and their families. Dealing with the stresses of service, reintegration into civilian life, being raised by a military parent, etc. all have an emotional impact. These military experiences and their associated physical, psychological, social, and spiritual consequences often follow military members and their families into their post-service life as veterans and veteran-connected families.

Our clinical staff is specially trained to meet Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs criteria as being culturally competent with military personnel and their families. This criteria includes:

  1. Therapists who are knowledgeable about military culture and structure.
  2. Evidence-based treatment approaches.
  3. Intake screening procedures to identify veterans and post deployment mental health issues.

We are specially trained to treat active service members and veterans and also to train other professionals working with this population. We offer to following training options:

Continuing Education Courses: These courses are open to mental health professionals, clergy, or lay people looking for professional clinical training in working with the military or veteran population. The curriculum covers the identification of key components of military culture that impact the mental health, recognize mental health problems, relationship dysfunction, parameters of the transmission of trauma, and discuss specific clinical skills that will better serve the needs of this population. These courses are available for credit depending on your professional affiliation. Click here for a full schedule of our upcoming Continuing Education classes.

One Day Programs and Workshops: These one day programs and workshops will help clergy, mental health professionals or lay people working with military or veterans strengthen their counseling skills from a clinical perspective.  Learn about military culture, the emotional impact of service on the individual and their family and more. A selection of course topics include:

Anger and Stress Management for Veterans

Communicating Your Combat Experiences to Your Children

Conflict Resolution: Improving Communication within the Family Circle

Depression: Signs and Symptoms and What Can Be Done to Alleviate the Underlying Causes.

Mindfulness for Veterans

Moral Injury – What is it? What can we do about it?

Risk Assessment of Suicidality with the military and Veterans: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

The Impact of PTSD on the Family

To learn about our programs or to schedule customized training for your group, please contact veterans@councilforrelationships.org.