Author Archive: Wanda Sevey, MDiv, LMFT

18 Aug

Tips For Keeping That Summer Feeling

Every August I wish I could make summer last just a little longer. During my recent week at the shore I even started to wonder if there are ways I could bring those feelings of well being and calm with me as I returned to home and… Read More

15 Jan

New Beginnings

Marking a new year with a new beginning is so common that I was surprised on December 31st when a local newspaper journalist called and asked me “Is it true that January is the month when the highest number of relationships end?”  After my conversation… Read More

16 Dec

When Holidays Are Blue

It has been a privilege for me to accompany people on their evolving journeys with grief and, despite what department store and elevator music is telling us, this is not always the ‘happ-happiest’ time of the year for everyone. All of us have experienced some… Read More

25 Nov

The Benefits of Being Thankful

It started a few weeks ago. Every day a few more catalogs arrive, each one enticing me to overspend my holiday budget. Even worse for me, when I open my favorite online newspaper I see links to hundreds if not thousands of recipes for holiday… Read More

20 Nov

Navigating Difficult Family Dynamics During the Holidays

No matter how old we are, how successful we are in life and how experienced we are in dealing with relationships, the stress of holiday get-togethers can be a challenge. This time of year it’s a good idea to have some strategies in place for… Read More

31 Oct

The Difference that Makes a Difference

It’s not unusual for couples to notice that they’ve drifted apart after a few years of being together. They gradually notice that they love one another but no longer feel ‘in love’ and miss the closeness they once shared. They remember that when they first… Read More

25 Oct

It’s Just Marriage

We’re quickly arriving at a moment in time when we won’t be talking about “gay marriage” anymore because there won't be a distinction between “gay marriage” and “marriage.” When the Supreme Court declined to take up the issue of same sex marriage last week the… Read More

22 Aug

The Kids are Fine….I’m Still Adjusting

My fifteen year old daughter has had a summer filled with new adventures. I put her on a train to the Big City where she took a class, lived in a dorm, and navigated with a transit map. In a few days I will take… Read More

4 Jun

The Power of the Personal

The New York Times recently published a short but hopeful essay, "Transference? I'll Take It", by Michelle Huneven about a successful  round of therapy that eventually led her to falling in love and getting married. As a relationship therapist, I often think about the relationships… Read More

10 Jun

Including Yourself in the Equation

When things go well for us at our beginning, we experience ourselves as the most beautiful baby ever born, cute as a button, with the full attention of at least one adult who gazes at us for hours and waits for a sign that we… Read More