Relationship Checkup

Are you and your partner satisfied with the current state of your relationship? Would you like more focus but you’re not sure where to start?


At Council for Relationships, we’re committed to helping people understand their relationships and heal past hurts so they can live their best lives. Our Relationship Checkup (RCU) Program will give you more understanding of what works in your relationship and what doesn’t. The RCU program was developed by senior faculty and staff and is administered by closely-supervised Council for Relationships interns.

The RCU is a research-based program that has been shown to improve romantic relationships. This process will guide couples who are dating, committed or married to explore their unique relationship strengths and challenges.

The Relationship Checkup includes:

  • Three (3) hour-long private sessions
  • A comprehensive assessment of relationship strengths and growth areas
  • Personalized feedback and suggestions based on the assessment
  • Specific focus on areas such as communication, conflict resolution, personality differences, family background, expanding time to together, addressing financial stresses, identifying parenting conflicts, and much more.

This program is for couples who want to:

  • Explore strengths and growth areas
  • Improve communication skills
  • Resolve chronic conflict
  • Develop a more balanced relationship

Don’t miss this chance to work on creating the kind of relationship you want to have with your partner for years to come.


Cost: $99


Please sign up using the form below and Client Care will contact you with more information.

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