Women’s Psychological Health Services

Treating women across the lifespan


Women often face a unique set of psychological difficulties. Our Women’s Psychological Health Services program brings together our clinicians who specialize in women’s issues under one umbrella so we can provide the best care to fit your needs.

Our services include individual counseling, couple and family therapy, sex therapy, and psychiatric medication treatment and referrals.

Our therapists and psychiatrists help women with:

  • Premenstrual Syndrome or PMDD
  • Difficulty Adjusting to Menopause
  • Perinatal Health Concerns
    • Planning a pregnancy with psychological or psychiatric concerns
    • Pregnancy with psychological or psychiatric concerns
    • Post-partum depression or difficult postpartum transition
    • Fertility issues
    • Pregnancy loss or loss of an infant
  • Breast or Gynecological Cancers
  • Other Concerns that Affect Women-Identifying People



CFR is currently out-of-network with all insurance providers.  Many insurance plans, however, will reimburse some portion of out-of-network mental health treatment costs.  CFR will provide you with the documentation you need to get partial or full reimbursement, provided that your plan covers those services.  Call the number on the back of your insurance card to verify your benefits.

Our clinicians are experienced in working with a variety of genders, sexualities, cultures, races, and religions. 

To request an appointment with one of our WPHS clinicians, please fill out the form below or contact Director Jane Summers, MD at 215-382-6680 ext. 7070


Inge Damstra, MD

215-382-6680 ext. 7009
  • Paoli, PA
  • Maura Dunfey, D.O.

    (215) 382-6680 ext. 7058
  • Paoli, PA
  • Wynnewood, PA
  • Elyse Stein Batoff, MA, LMFT

    (215) 382-6680 ext. 7003
  • Oxford Valley, PA
  • Lucy S. Raizman, MSW, LCSW, LMFT, CST

    215-382-6680 ext. 7039
  • Blue Bell, PA
  • Laurel Roe, MS CHR, LMFT

    215-382-6680 ext. 4444
  • Bryn Mawr, PA
  • Paoli, PA
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