June 1, 2024, is the deadline to apply for CFR’s Fall 2024 Postgraduate Certificate Program cohort in Marriage & Family Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Clergy track. Apply here.

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CFR is a mission-driven nonprofit organization seeking applicants who want to help people from all walks of life improve their important relationships by providing exemplary therapy, educating and training clinicians in the family systems approach, and advancing the mental health field through research.


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Council for Relationships (CFR) currently accepts students from MSW, MS, MEd programs from accredited academic programs in the Greater Philadelphia Area. 

Applications for the 2024-2025 internship opportunity are currently paused.

If you have questions about clinical internship placements at Council for Relationships, contact the Director of Internships, Allen-Michael Lewis.

Why Work at CFR

Be a part of something bigger than solo practice affords.

You can be a thought leader in the field, contribute your ideas and energies to the larger mission of providing mental healthcare to all people, train future generations of therapists, and continually regenerate the field.

Avoid the headaches of Private Practice.

You get to focus on the parts of being a therapist that you love without having to run a business. No need to negotiate with a landlord, furnish an office, buy supplies, design and manage a website, create marketing materials, purchase and pay for malpractice insurance, pay credit card fees, file taxes, and establish and maintain technology.

Be supported.

Clinical support, guidance, and consultation is always available to you if you need it, and you are never alone with a client dilemma. Additionally, administrative support people help maintain systems for teletherapy, processing online payments, keeping electronic health records, and marketing your practice.

Have flexibility.

You set your own schedule, fees, see clients in-person or online via a HIPAA-compliant teleconferencing platform, and choose the clients with whom you want to work.

Connect with others in a collaborative environment.

You have access to expert colleagues with whom you can consult whenever needed.

Enjoy the benefits of working at an educational institution.

You can access continuing education credits at a deeply discounted rate, both from workshops and post-graduate level classes.

Diversify your work.

By working as a therapist at CFR, you have the opportunity to become a supervisor in our education programs, to teach courses and workshops, and to develop and administer programs. You can use different parts of yourself and avoid burning out by spending all of your time in the therapy room.

Contribute to a well-established, mission-driven, mental health organization.

Founded in 1932, CFR is recognized as a thought leader and known for providing high-quality therapy throughout PA & NJ. We are committed to providing quality counseling services to all in need, regardless of ability to pay. By being a CFR employee, you can help make that possible.

Benefit from a strong referral network.

You will have many colleagues with whom you can cross refer and, because of CFR’s strong reputation, there are also pool referrals that are distributed to clinicians.

“Teaching and supervising future therapists makes me a better clinician and being a clinician makes me a better supervisor and teacher.”

—A clinician who moved from a thriving private practice to CFR


Benefits available to CFR employees (depending on eligibility, required contributions, and other factors) include: health, dental, and long term disability insurance; health savings account; flexible spending account; dependent care plan; transit/parking benefit; the ability to contribute pre-tax dollars to a 403-B (retirement) account through TIAA-CREF; and the possibility of benefiting from the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

CFR is training the next generation of exemplary therapists.