23 May

The Fidget Spinner Spin

Are you asking yourself, what is a fidget spinner? Don’t feel bad if you are, I had to google it too.  While that might mean that we both live under rocks, a fidget spinner is basically the newest iteration of a tool for doing something… Read More

1 May

Getting to know May’s Featured Therapist, Emma Steiner, MSW, LCSW

What is your role at Council for Relationships? In addition to being a therapist, I am also the Associate Director of Clinical and Business Operations (ADoCBO), and I am a supervisor in our Post-Graduate training program.  I really enjoy the different responsibilities I hold because… Read More

27 Apr

Video: The Greater Philadelphia Conference on Veteran’s Mental Health

This full-day event features some of the nation’s leading experts in military and Veteran behavioral health. Veterans, military families, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), and mental health professionals are all welcome. For more information or to register, click here. [video width="960" height="540" mp4=""][/video] Read More

24 Apr

Staff Therapist, Bea Hollander remembers Holocaust during visit in Poland

To commemorate approximately six million Jews and five million others who lost their lives during the Holocaust, Dr. Hollander has written an article entitled "We must be vigilant about our humanity." To read the article, please click here. Read More

1 Apr

Getting to know April’s Featured Therapist, Gina Rothermel, MSW, LSW

Tell us a little about what makes you unique as a therapist and person? I grew up on a farm, and although I loved that experience as a child, as I got older, I longed to explore the world and immerse myself in diversity. I’ve… Read More

29 Mar

Keeping an Open Heart

Listen below as Staff Therapist, Ray Fisher, LCSW, BCD talks about Keeping an Open Heart during the divorce process. Audio Link Ray Fisher, LCSW, BCD Staff Therapist 215-382-6680 ext. 4274 Learn more about Ray on his staff profile, or you can make an appointment with Ray by clicking… Read More

1 Mar

Meet March’s Featured Therapist of the Month, Tracey Tanenbaum, M.Ed, MFT

Tell us a little about what makes you unique as a therapist and person? I have always been an observer.  As a child growing up in New York City, I developed an early love of "people-watching." As a professional, I have devoted my life to… Read More

16 Feb

I am a Man

This is an excerpt from an article in the 2015 issue of Ebony Magazine, titled, I am a Man. The path to manhood has more curves than Rihanna. How does a dude know when he’s grown? George James, Psy.D., gives EBONY the ultimate man milestones.… Read More

6 Feb

Getting to know February’s Featured Therapist, Dr. George James, Jr., Psy.D, LMFT

Tell us a little about what makes you unique as a therapist and person? My name is George A. James Jr. I am a first generation American with Caribbean and African heritage. My parents and most of my extended family were born in Jamaica. I… Read More

23 Jan

Benchmarks of Self-Care

Let’s take a moment to be a little cliché. If we were to image life as a journey, self-care could be the wagon that carries us along our path. At what point do you tend to notice that you have fallen off the wagon? Is… Read More