6 Dec

Meet Wanda Sevey, MDiv, LMFT, Council’s Featured Staff Therapist for December

Why are relationships important? I think that being in relationships is baked into our existence as human beings. When things go well for us at our beginning, we experience ourselves as cute as a button, the most beautiful baby ever born, with the full attention… Read More

1 Dec

Most Relationship Problems Can’t Be Solved: Part One

Relationships naturally ebb and flow. Even for the most intimate and closest of partners, communication can break down and devolve into conflict, leading to resentment and stress. How do you keep love alive even when you disagree? You probably have a few regular issues in your relationship… Read More

31 Oct

On Connection

Many social workers and therapists believe that connection is at the very root of why we are here.  As Brene Brown states in her famous TedTalk on vulnerability, “It’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”  Often, we can lose sight of our connections;… Read More

9 Oct

Advice for anyone struggling, thoughts on inner peace, and my dream job

More from Kristine Seitz: individual, relational and sex therapist, and our Featured Therapist for the month of October! Q: What do you tell your clients who are struggling with depression or anxiety? I tell clients who are struggling with depression and anxiety that what they… Read More

2 Oct

Meet Kristine Seitz, M.Ed, MSW, LSW: Council’s Featured Therapist for October

Hello good people of the internet!  My name is Kristine Seitz and I want to thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to read this! I am an individual, relational, and sex therapist working in the Voorhees, NJ office at Council for Relationships.  I… Read More

23 Sep

Know Your Self: Self-care

You are the instrument of your own success. No matter your goal, you cannot achieve it, and you definitely cannot enjoy it, if you are burnt out! Burnout comes in many forms, but signs include fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, overwhelm, hopelessness, lack of desire for pleasure,… Read More

15 Sep

From the Annals of Medical Family Therapy: How You Argue Can be Bad for Your Health

The connection between emotions and health has long been a subject of interest in the field of psychotherapy. The connection between psyche and soma has occupied some of the greatest thinkers and contributors to the field with very little fruitful explanation or positive outcome for… Read More

14 Sep

Know Your Stress: Get Organized, Stress Beating Tips for Parents and Families

Life’s demands can be overwhelming, especially during the transition back to school. These simple tips can help create more order and less chaos in your brain and in your life. I have separated these tips into two posts: Know Your Stress: Get Organized and a… Read More

7 Sep

Kindergarten Wall, A poem about children and stress

Children are amazing little seeds that will someday grow into wise and sturdy trees. Parents, teachers, and therapists are some of the most helpful resources and advocates for today’s children. With so much going on in the world, so many expectations in school, and abundant… Read More

31 Aug

Meet Briana Bogue, MFT, our Featured Therapist for September!

Hello! I am Briana Bogue, Staff Therapist at Council For Relationships working in our Center City office. I am a hard-working, pizza-loving, meditation-practicing therapist with a passion for learning. I am a Villanova alum, which makes me a 2016 National Champion (though I do not… Read More