1 Mar

Meet March’s Featured Therapist of the Month, Tracey Tanenbaum, M.Ed, MFT

Tell us a little about what makes you unique as a therapist and person? I have always been an observer.  As a child growing up in New York City, I developed an early love of "people-watching." As a professional, I have devoted my life to… Read More

16 Feb

I am a Man

This is an excerpt from an article in the 2015 issue of Ebony Magazine, titled, I am a Man. The path to manhood has more curves than Rihanna. How does a dude know when he’s grown? George James, Psy.D., gives EBONY the ultimate man milestones.… Read More

6 Feb

Getting to know February’s Featured Therapist, Dr. George James, Jr., Psy.D, LMFT

Tell us a little about what makes you unique as a therapist and person? My name is George A. James Jr. I am a first generation American with Caribbean and African heritage. My parents and most of my extended family were born in Jamaica. I… Read More

23 Jan

Benchmarks of Self-Care

Let’s take a moment to be a little cliché. If we were to image life as a journey, self-care could be the wagon that carries us along our path. At what point do you tend to notice that you have fallen off the wagon? Is… Read More

19 Jan

Why You Might Not Be Having a Happy New Year

In light of the start of the year, many of us are considering how we want to live our lives just a little bit better. Some call it a resolution, others a goal, a fresh start, or call it nothing at all; regardless, most of… Read More

5 Jan

Meet Shadeen Francis, MFT, Council’s Featured Therapist for January 2017

Tell us a little about what makes you unique as a therapist and person? One thing folks are often surprised to hear is that I have wanted to be a sex therapist since the 7th grade. Instead of working on age-appropriate goals, like becoming an… Read More

27 Dec

Getting Through January: Self-Care Apps to Help You Feel Happier in the Winter Months

Nothing feels as long as the months between the holidays and the sunshine of spring. Cloudy days, dark afternoons and bare trees call for making self-care a priority more than ever.  If a winter cruise is out of the question, here is a tool kit… Read More

22 Dec

A Guide to the Holidays for Imperfect Families

It’s okay to admit that your family is not perfect. Even I have had my moments of dreading family gatherings.  I know, however,  as a couple and family therapist,  you can run but you cannot hide from the influence your family of origin has on you. … Read More

14 Dec

Communication is Not Easy

“They taught us how to square dance in school but they never bothered to teach us how to communicate with someone we love.”   If you are like this frustrated client, you have probably been living with communication problems in your relationship for a very long… Read More

6 Dec

Meet Wanda Sevey, MDiv, LMFT, Council’s Featured Staff Therapist for December

Why are relationships important? I think that being in relationships is baked into our existence as human beings. When things go well for us at our beginning, we experience ourselves as cute as a button, the most beautiful baby ever born, with the full attention… Read More