20 Jul

Healing Moral Injury – Four Steps That Help

War demands that people do things that are far outside of civilian life.  The ethics, rules and moral code of everyday life are suspended so that the goals of completing a mission and bringing battle buddies home safely can be accomplished.  A returning warrior’s inner… Read More

13 Jul

This means opening our hearts; A how-to guide

In Dallas this week the President asked us all to open our hearts to one another.  He asked us to remember that each person brings their own inner story to the stories of protest and violence we’ve experienced, seen or heard about this past week. It’s… Read More

12 Jul

The Hidden Wound of Moral Injury After War

Iraqi war vet, Tyler Budreu wrote “They say war is hell but I say it’s the foyer to hell.  I say coming home is hell, and hell ain’t got no coordinates.”  (in Packing Inferno) What could lead Budreu to say this?  In the past few… Read More

30 Jun

Thank you for joining us at the Dr. Emily Hartshorne Mudd Award Reception!

Many thanks to everyone who joined us for the Dr. Emily Hartshorne Mudd Award Reception on June 8th, 2016. We raised funds in support of our mission to provide counseling services to those who need them, regardless of ability to pay, and were pleased to… Read More

16 Jun

Welcoming our new Staff Therapist, Briana Bogue

We are delighted to welcome Briana to our staff at our Center City office! Briana is a hard-working, pizza-loving, meditation-practicing therapist with a passion for learning. Her dream job (besides the one she has now) is to be a spy or an archeologist. She is… Read More

2 Jun

Tip of the Week: Me or Not Me?

One of the harder tasks in a partner relationship is to really understand ‘what is me’ and ‘what is not me’. Very often our experience of an angry interaction is something like “my partner is mad at me and talking to me so harshly. It’s… Read More

26 May

This Memorial Day…

This week we observe Memorial Day. Most people, myself included, don’t stop to think about what Memorial Day is and how Memorial Day connects us to the over 300,000 Veterans and their families in the Delaware Valley. In our current culture, Memorial Day is a… Read More

24 May

Welcoming Jeremiah Goldberg

We are excited to introduce Jeremiah Goldberg, one of our new therapists at our University City office. Jeremiah is a Mt. Airy, Philadelphia native who concentrates on various specialties, including but not limited to trauma, anger management, depression, anxiety, men’s issues, family issues and many… Read More

18 May

Ask the Staff #supportcouncil Video Series (Part 2 of 2)

Again, our staff share why they think you should #supportcouncil! Click here to support our mission to provide quality counseling services to all who need them, regardless of ability to pay. Read More

2 May

Ask the Staff #supportcouncil Video Series (Part 1 of 2)

We asked our staff, "Why should someone support our work at Council?" Click play below to hear it from our amazing team, and click here to support us today! Read More