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Council for Relationships continues to offer a unique certificate program in Sex Therapy. Clinical, Supervisory and Educational components for Sex Therapy certification are offered in one program.

The curriculum is designed for postgraduate clinicians such as Psychologists, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Physicians, etc. who want to expand their clinical repertoire in Sexuality.

Classes and supervision are conducted on-site on Wednesdays from September through May. Special arrangements can be made for individual supervision throughout the year.

Council for Relationship is an AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) approved provider. This program provides major components required for AASECT Sex Therapist Certification. Additionally, it meets partial requirements for AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy) certification. 90 hours of Sex Therapy Courses (90 CE Credits)

  • 10 hours of Experiential SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment) workshop (10 CE Credits)
  • 25 hours of individual Supervision (25 CE Credits)
  • 25 hours of group Supervision (25 CE Credits)
  • Supervised clinical experience (your cases and/or CFR clients) towards the 300 clinical hours required by AASECT
  • Additional workshops in Sexology related topics

Nancy Gambescia, PhD, Sex Therapy Postgraduate Program Director
Telephone: 610-525-1978


Sexual Functioning
      Sexual anatomy, physiology, the human sexual response
      Components of satisfying sexual relationships
      Normative changes in sexual functioning throughout the life span
      Gender differences in human sexual response cycles
      The impact of emotional, physical, environmental, cultural, and religious factors on sexuality

Challenges to Sexual Wellbeing
      Chronic illness, altered body image, aging, and physical disability
      Sexually transmitted illnesses
      Psychiatric illness, substance abuse, alcohol, drug abuse

Sexual Trauma
      The effects emotional and physical trauma on sexual functioning
      Sexual repercussions of incest
      Differentiating sex therapy clients from incest survivors

Sexual Dysfunctions
      DSM-5 Diagnostic criteria
      Prevalence, etiology, assessment & treatment of sexual dysfunctions
      Individual vs. conjoint formats

      Conducting a sex history
      Using a Sexual Genogram
      Screening individuals and couples for sexual problems
      Techniques of Sexual Interviewing

      Cognitive, behavioral, psycho-educational, and alternate treatments
      The role of psychopharmacology
      When to Treat Sexual Issues and/or relationship concerns
      Enhancing communication skills
      Promoting compliance
      Relapse prevention

Gender related issues
      Varieties of sexual orientation and gender identities
      Incongruities and paradoxes in sexual behavior
      Preconceptions about normal sexuality
      Gender identity issues

Systemic Approach
      Sexual intimacy challenges, such as fear of commitment, closeness, feelings, etc., in a partner
      Individual/physical issues
      Individual /psychological factors
      Influences from the families of origin, such as internalized cognitions
      Relational factors such as trust, safety, comfort, and communication
      Environmental Factors such as race, ethnicity, finances, culture, etc    

Therapist Challenges
      The profession of sex therapy
      Awareness of the operating sexual value system of the therapist
      The therapist’s personal attitudes, values, and emotions related to sexuality of the self and others
      Countertransference issues, sexual anxiety, fear, and ignorance in the therapist

Other Sexology Topics
      Sexually transmitted illnesses
      Safer sex practices
      Sex compulsivity
      Atypical sexual behavior
      Treating Infidelity
      Technology, Intimacy & Sexuality
      Alternate lifestyles such as polyamory
      Theories used in the practice of sexology
      Sexology research and literature

Applicants must have at least a Master’s degree in a human service program from an accredited college or university. Additionally, applicants must have at least a year of psychotherapy experience. Click here for application.


30 CE Credit Sex Therapy 1 Class: $950
30 CE Credit Sex Therapy 2 Class: $950
30 CE Credit Advanced Topics in Sex Therapy Class: $950
10 CE Credit SAR: $300
GROUP SUPERVISION: $1500 (26 hours)

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