CPI – Onsite Community Therapy

Community Partnerships Initiative

The Community Partnerships Initiative (CPI) extends the reach of therapeutic services to help individuals and families heal from trauma, improve mental and emotional wellbeing, and re-establish healthy relationships through collaborative partnerships. CPI eliminates common barriers to receiving mental health care by offering on-site, no-cost therapeutic services that are responsive to client and agency needs throughout the greater Philadelphia area.

Individual, couple, and family therapy is available, as well as group interventions for adults, children, teens and families. The therapeutic focus of our work includes grief and loss, trauma, parenting, relationship challenges and recovery from mental illness and substance abuse.  As part of the CPI mission, CFR staff therapists support the training and capacity-building goals of our community partners by offering workshops, consultation, and guidance for the partner agency staff.

The Community Partnerships Initiative (CPI) is designed to increase access to counseling services for underserved communities. Council for Relationships brings counseling services on site to individuals and families in transitional housing, as well as families with children at risk of abuse or neglect.

To learn more about our work with community partners, contact Dr. Sara Corse, Director of Community Partnerships Initiative.