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Author » Chimère G. Holmes, MA, MSEd, LPC

Juneteenth at Longwood Gardens

On Friday, June 16, 2023, Longwood Gardens hosted Fashioning Freedom, a event honoring the power of fashion in the struggle for freedom. It promised to be an evening for celebrating African American fashion and its critical relationship to the work of freedom. After spending her day seeing clients and working towards her doctorate, CFR Staff…

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Using Spirituality to Improve Mental Health

Spirituality can complement and improve your mental health. As American writer and journalist Elizabeth Gilbert has said, “God dwells within you; as you. God dwells within me; as me.” You can use spiritualty to help address your mental health concerns. But how? Read on to learn more about using spirituality to improve mental health. Spirituality…

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Philadelphia Therapist Accepting New Clients: Chimère G. Holmes

Finding a Philadelphia therapist accepting new clients can be difficult. CFR is proud to have Staff Therapist Chimère G. Holmes, MA, MSEd, LPC as a member of our organization. Chimère sees patients virtually and is currently accepting new clients. Continue reading to learn more about Chimère, her therapeutic approaches, goals, and training. Chimère’s journey to…

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Benefits of Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Groups

While becoming a new mother is rewarding, the journey is riddled with constant change, uncertainty, feelings of doubt, fear, and isolation. New mothers often fear voicing their needs or reaching out for help because they fear burdening those around them. New mothers also wrestle with feelings of guilt and shame for feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed,…

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Sign stating self care isn't selfish as tip for mental health management

Mental Health Management Tips for 2023

It doesn’t have to be New Year, Same You. When it comes to resolutions, we tend to think about physical health; the exterior and external world reign (like quitting smoking, losing weight, getting in shape, or saving more money). While these are all really great goals, we need to start making mental health resolutions to…

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