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CFR Staff Therapist Dr. Sara J. Corse Featured in Glam

August 9, 2023

August 9, 2023 | CFR’s Director of Community Partnerships Initiative (CPI) and Staff Therapist Dr. Sara J. Corse, was featured in the recent Glam article titled, “Myths About Power Imbalances In Age-Gap Relationships, Debunked” by Brie Schmidt. Give it a read. Kristine sees clients in person and online. To set up an appointment, you can…

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Staff Therapist Dr. Sara Corse featured on WebMD: When You’re a Lot Older (or Younger) Than Your Partner

June 12, 2022

June 12, 2022 | Here’s what Sean Barry knew from the start about Sarah: She owned a house. She managed a bustling coffee shop. She was assertive; on their first date, she asked a stranger at a bar to move over so the two could nab seats next to each other. So he was startled to…

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Staff Therapist Dr. Sara Corse Featured on LIKeIT IS: Covid Affect

April 1, 2021

April 1, 2021 | It has been a year since Covid has forced the world to shut down. But with unpaid bills, empty cupboards, and rising death and infection rates for those affected the hardest there are still more questions than answers. With the help of Dr. Sara Corse, Therapist with The Council for Relationships;…

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Staff Therapist Dr. Sara Corse Featured on KYW NewsRadio: Mother’s Day May Be More Difficult Than Usual for Some This Year, Experts Say

May 10, 2020

May 10, 2020 | For many people, this Mother’s Day can be a difficult one, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. Licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Jeanne Mayo said moms who don’t live with their children might have a hard time with Mother’s Day this year. “With COVID-19, you have mothers and their children who are…

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Staff Therapist, Sara Corse, Ph.D., Interviewed on CBS 3 Philly

December 4, 2019

December 4, 2019 | Staff Therapist, Sara Corse, Ph.D., provides her insight on determining if a family member needs help or is suffering from a mental illness. While the vast majority of people coping with a mental illness are not violent, and in fact more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators of it,…

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How to help your daughter find her voice

March 20, 2018

“Strong Voice, Full Heart” is a mother-daughter empowerment workshop organized through Council for Relationships’ Community Partnership Initiative (CPI). Dr. Sara Corse, Director of CPI, reflects on how mothers can empower their daughters to find their voice and embrace their power. Empowerment. It is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling your life…

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Staff Therapist, Sara Corse, Ph.D., interviewed on CBS 3 Philly

April 7, 2017

Staff Therapist Sara Corse, Ph.D., sits down with Nicole Brewer from CBS Philly to discuss the importance of communication while co-parenting and divorced. Click here to read the full article and watch the interview. Divorced Parents Committed to Annual Family Portrait For Son’s Sake

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Fostering an Open-Hearted Relationship

December 20, 2015

The heart is an amazing organ. Whether you are a cardiac surgeon fascinated by its physiology or an athlete dedicated to expanding its capacity, a poet writing to capture its mystery or just an average person loving another person, the heart has long been considered more than just muscle pumping oxygen to the cells of…

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Dr. Corse on the Rachel Dolezal controversy

June 23, 2015

Dr. Sara Corse, Director of Council for Relationships’ University City Office and Community Partnerships Initiative, provided insight on the Rachel Dolezal controversy and racial identity for a recent news story on CBS Philly. Watch the news report here.

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Mixed Feelings on Mother’s Day

May 7, 2015

Mother’s Day can evoke mixed feelings, for different reasons, at different times in the lives of moms and daughters. It is a holiday that seems to lack space for the full range of feelings that are engendered in family, especially mother relationships. The mothers and daughters depicted on card racks this time of year seem…

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Dr. Sara Corse contributes to CBS Philly article about “the silent treatment”

August 7, 2014

In the CBS Philly article Silence Speaks Louder Than Words…Except When It Comes to Relationships, Council for Relationships’ Dr. Sara Corse provides advice on handling arguments and fostering relationships. The article is based on a recent study that found “the silent treatment” to be the most damaging type of relationship conflict.

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Dr. Corse talks to 6abc News about young women and sugar daddy websites

May 13, 2014

Dr. Sara J. Corse talked to 6abc Action News for a special report on young college women turning to “sugar daddy” websites to make money. Watch the report here.

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Helping Children Grieve: Expressing Emotions, Affirming the Universal

June 14, 2010

It is a Tuesday evening in January, 2010. The room is abuzz with the energy of 12 children, ages 7-9, who show up in this large room most weeks from 6-8 pm to play and talk and have a snack. These children have something in common that does not meet the eye. Their young lives…

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“Conversation Hearts” for Valentine’s Day and Everyday

February 12, 2007

NECCO began putting funny little sayings on chalky-tasting candy hearts back in the 1800’s. Maybe you remember them from grade school. Old classics like “Be Mine” and “Truly Yours”. Racy ones (to a 2nd grader!) like “Kiss Me.” Recent additions for the modern age such as “E-Mail Me” and “Be My Icon.” At Council for…

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