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CFR Statement on the Terrorist Attacks and Ongoing Violence in Israel


CFR condemns the violence taking place in Israel, calls for the promotion of peace, and urges support for those impacted by trauma now and in the future.

October 12, 2023 | In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks and ongoing violent events in Israel, Council for Relationships (CFR) extends our heartfelt sympathy to the innocent people affected by this bloodshed and senseless devastation. Our thoughts are with the families directly impacted whose loved ones were brutally murdered, or taken hostage, and those who are experiencing the devastation of destruction, violence, and terror in their communities. The tragic loss of innocent lives and human suffering is beyond comprehension.

As a community-based mental health organization with expertise in trauma, we understand trauma’s impact on survivors, witnesses, and communities. CFR recognizes the importance of addressing the psychological needs of individuals affected by such events, both in the immediate aftermath and in the long term. In times of crisis, it is essential to come together as a global community, promote empathy, and work towards solutions that help prevent such tragedies.

We call upon governments, healthcare providers, humanitarian organizations, and communities to prioritize mental health support and counseling services for those impacted and to advocate for the elimination of hate. CFR is here to support those who are in pain and to promote peace and healing. You are not alone.

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About The Transcending Trauma Project

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