Statement on the Shooting Death of Eddie Irizarry


Statement on the Shooting Death of Eddie Irizarry

September 29, 2023 | Earlier this week, charges were dismissed in municipal court against a former Philadelphia Police Officer who shot and killed Eddie Irizarry. Mr. Irizarry was sitting in his car at the time of the shooting. We see the pain of the Irizarry family and all families seeking justice and accountability on behalf of a loved one lost due to senseless violence.

How can our communities heal if there remains a lack of trust and accountability between citizens and their police departments? How does the healing begin if there is no justice?

We believe that every person is vital and uniquely contributes to the constellation of relationships that form a flourishing community. Council for Relationships is here to support those who are in pain and continues to stand with those who advocate for justice. You are not alone.

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