June 1, 2024, is the deadline to apply for CFR’s Fall 2024 Postgraduate Certificate Program cohort in Marriage & Family Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Clergy track. Apply here.

Postgraduate Certificate Program in Sex Therapy

Postgraduate Certificate Program in Sex Therapy

CFR hosts a unique program offering clinical, supervisory, and educational components toward AASECT sex therapy certification.

Accepting Applications for 2024-2025

CFR is accepting applications on a rolling admissions basis.


Cohort Options

Wednesday Morning Cohort (Academic year schedule) – September 2024 through May 2025; meets every Wednesday from 9 am-Noon EST.

About the Program

We offer the clinical, supervisory, and educational components of the Sex Therapy program online, and we have two cohorts. The curriculum is designed for postgraduate clinicians who want to expand their clinical repertoire in sexuality. Classes are live/synchronous, allowing teaching and learning to be interactive and experiential.

Our comprehensive Sex Therapy program has the following three components:

  1. Three consecutive 30-hour sex therapy courses (Sex Therapy I, II, and III) for a total of 90 CEs.
  2. Regular 2-hour group supervision sessions (held bi-weekly or every third week) with an AASECT Certified Supervisor of Sex Therapy (these supervision hours count towards AASECT’s 50-hour total supervision requirement; the clinical cases that are supervised count towards AASECT’s 300 clinical hour requirement).
  3. Two 7-hour Sexual Attitude Reassessments (SARs).

Optional Add-ons

The cost of the following add-on options is in addition to the program costs. See our Tuition and Tuition Grant to learn more.

  • Individual Supervision: Up to 25 individual supervision sessions with an AASECT Certified Supervisor of Sex Therapy (these count towards AASECT’s 25-hour individual supervision requirement).
  • Additional CEs towards AASECT certification: AASECT certification requires a total of 150 CEs in specified content areas. In addition to the Sex Therapy Program’s 90 CE hours, Council for Relationships’ Postgraduate 30-hour Relational Therapy courses∗ can be taken, either together or in combination, with our Professional Development workshops to meet the additional 60 hours of AASECT’s 150-hour CE requirements.

2024 Cohort Schedules

Weekend Cohort Schedule (Spring-Summer)

  • Sex Therapy I: May 18-19 and June 8-9
  • Sex Therapy II: July 20-21 and August 17-18
  • Sex Therapy III: September 14-15 and October 12-13
  • SAR I & II: TBD

Wednesday Morning Cohort Schedule (2024-25 Academic Year)

The exact dates have yet to be announced.

  • Sex Therapy I (September-November 2024)
  • SAR 1
  • Sex Therapy II (November 2024-February 2025)
  • SAR 2
  • Sex Therapy III (February-May 2025)

Add-On Relational Therapy Courses

  • Systems Theory in Couples Therapy – Mondays, 9 AM-Noon EST, September through November
  • Towards An Integrative Practice – Mondays, 9 AM-Noon EST, May through July
  • Other Postgraduate Marriage and Family Therapy Certificate Program courses may also be eligible by special application to the Director of the Sex Therapy Program.

See our Course Catalog for more information.

Program Design

CFR is an organizational provider for AASECT. Our program provides major components of the requirements for AASECT Sex Therapist Certification, including 90 CEs of sex therapy and core knowledge area courses, 14 hours of experiential Sexual Attitude Reassessment workshop, and 25 hours of group supervision with an approved sex therapy supervisor.

We also offer the option to add an additional 60 CEs in Relational Therapy topics and 25 hours of individual supervision with an approved sex therapy supervisor to complete the requirements for AASECT certification as a sex therapist.

Basic Program Components

  • Three 10-week online courses (90 CEs)
  • 14 hours of experiential Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) workshop (14 CEs)
  • 25 hours of online group supervision of your cases and/or CFR clients; clinical hours counted towards the 300 clinical hours required by AASECT

Optional Add-ons

  • Two additional 10-week online courses (60 CEs) to meet full 150 CE requirement
  • An additional 25 hours of individual supervision of your cases and/or CFR clients; clinical hours counted towards the 300 clinical hours required by AASECT. ·
  • Professional Development workshops in sexology topics throughout the academic year provide additional CEs to count towards the required 150 CEs.

This program meets some of the AASECT clinical and educational requirements toward AASECT certification and renewal of certification. Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT certification. For a comprehensive explanation of certification requirements, visit https://www.aasect.org/aasect-requirements-sex-therapist-certification or contact info@aasect.org.

Program Details

Level: Postgraduate

Admission Requirements:  MS, MA, or PhD, plus one year of clinical counseling experience

Calendar Type: Trimester or weekend

Enrollment:  Wednesday Cohort: Wednesdays from 9 AM to noon EST from September through May. Weekend Cohort: One weekend a month from noon to 8 PM EST on Saturday and Sunday, from March through August.

Flexible Time Frame:  Course completion of 90 CEs and 25 hours of group supervision in 9 months (Wednesday cohort) or 6 months (Weekend cohort). Optional individual supervision of sex therapy hours and optional add-on courses may extend this time frame.

Admission Deadline: CFR accepts applications on a rolling admissions basis until cohorts are filled. Secure your spot today!

“CFR was the only program offering everything I needed for certification: It had synchronized learning, meaning that the lessons were live over Zoom; A small group of eight students per cohort, allowing for a more intimate interaction with peers; Group supervision was also included, which a lot of the other programs did not have; Fully online, affordable, and met all of the AASECT-certification requirements.”

Stella Breytman, MSW, LCSW

Sex Therapy Certificate Program Student

Learn more about CFR’s Sex Therapy Program in an Interview with Stella

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Admission Requirements and Application

Lecture Series

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Tuition and Tuition Grant


Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR)

James Wadley, PhD

Director, Post Graduate Certificate Program, Sex Therapy Program

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