Online Therapy for Couples

Council for Relationships has been a leader in couple’s therapy for over 85 years. Now, we are pleased to offer Online Therapy to couples, a more convenient and comfortable option.

Couples come to therapy for many different reasons across different stages of their lives. Our therapists represent more than 40 specialties, including: communication, life transitions, divorce, co-parenting, sex therapy, conflict resolution, and more. You may browse our therapists by specialty area or types of therapy here.


What does Online Therapy for couples look like?

You and your partner will participate in a video call with your therapist. It is important that both people are visible and that they stay put during the session. If you and your partner are in different locations, our platform can accommodate a three-way call.

Please note that your therapist may occasionally recommend individual sessions for you and/or your partner.



Confidentiality is extremely important to us. Information that you reveal during treatment will be kept strictly confidential. The laws that protect the confidentiality of your personal information, such as HIPAA, also apply to Online Therapy. As such, information disclosed during the course of therapy or consultation is generally confidential. There are exceptions to this, however, that include the following:

  • If you disclose your intention to inflict physical harm to yourself or another person;
  • If you disclose that physical or sexual abuse or serious neglect of a minor child has occurred;
  • If we receive a signed, valid court order requesting records; and
  • In addition CFR clinicians (therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, or clinical supervisors) directly involved in your care may communicate with each other about your treatment. If you were seen previously in therapy at CFR, your new therapist may review your prior file in order to ensure continuity of your treatment.

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