Individual Courses

Individual Courses

CFR offers non-matriculating students the opportunity to take courses in our Post Graduate Certificate Program in Marriage and Family Therapy.

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Courses may be taken individually for Continuing Education (CE) credit for Master’s level (or above) mental health professionals. Participants are awarded 30 CEs per 10-week course for $1,050* and 15 CEs per 5-week courses for $525*, contingent upon 100% class attendance.

*Prices are subject to change from year to year. 

Please email Tiffani Smoot, Academic Administrator, regarding rates for current CFR students, staff, and alumni.

4th Quarter Courses

Towards an Integrative Practice: Intersystems, Attachment, and the Self of the Therapist

Instructor: Dolores Littleton, DMin, LMFT
Dates: Mondays May 9, 2022 – July 25, 2022
No class on May 30 (Memorial Day) and July 4
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

This course will introduce students to a process for determining the most appropriate, helpful, and effective treatment strategies applicable to each case. An integrative therapist adapts and incorporates different therapy models and interventions depending on client needs and goals and selects the most effective strategies to build a therapeutic alliance with clients while a treatment plan is developed and implemented.

While there are a number of effective therapy models, all have in common 1) the need to form a therapeutic alliance; 2) the need for a comprehensive assessment and treatment planning process; and 3) the therapist having developed their awareness of all that they bring to the therapy process as a person and therapist (often referred to as “the self of the therapist”).

The course teaches the Intersystems approach to therapy, a comprehensive assessment and treatment process that was developed at CFR in the 1980s. Attachment styles are also a focus of study. Through an examination of three generations of their family through these dual lenses (Intersystems and attachment), students will deepen their awareness of their own family legacies and attachment styles while learning how to use these tools.

Families in Transition

Instructors: Priscilla Singleton, MSW, LMFT, LCSW and
Michele Southworth, JD, LMFT
Dates: Tuesdays, May 10, 2022 – June 7, 2022
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

CFR has the good fortune to have on our staff, two of the Philadelphia area’s foremost clinicians working with divorced and divorcing families. Priscilla Singleton and Michele Southworth have, between them, over 60 years’ experience in working with individuals, couples, and families to address the complex constellation of issues that can arise when families undergo the divorce process.

If your practice includes work with: 1) couples making decisions about whether to stay in their marriages; 2) families struggling at the brink or in the midst of the divorce transition; 3) children and adult children of divorce; or 4) post-divorce families dealing with single or shared parenting; this 5-week course will help to tie together the complex family process of grief and re-organization and how the legal system intertwines with emotional processes being experienced by the family members.

This course will delineate the stages of the divorce process in its functional and dysfunctional aspects, as it unfolds for the adults and the children in the family, as well as for the family as a whole. It will also consider the special strengths and limitations of the different forms that the post-divorce family can take. We will discuss family dynamics and treatment approaches for adults in conflict and for children under stress. The class will also cover treatment modalities such as mediation, co-parent counseling, and parent coordination so that attendees can be well-informed about the options available to help the divorcing families with whom they may work.

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