Congregational and Family Systems Academy Certificate Program

Clergy participants in this program are lifelong learners, community leaders, and healers. This training enriches the skills of pastors, priests, rabbis, imams, and other clergy who provide spiritual guidance and support within congregations and other faith-based communities.

The Congregational and Family Systems Academy: For clergy interested in learning Family Systems Theory with direct application to their functioning in ministry. This is a 2-year Advanced Training Program. The curriculum of the Academy will mirror the first-year academics of the Post Graduate Certificate Program exactly, except for the clinical practice.

This program entails:

Academic Training:  Classes meet on Monday mornings with four, ten-week required System Theory courses. Along with 2 hours of the Clergy Seminar in the afternoon. The Seminar format provides a process of bringing theory, theology, and practice into sharper alignment which requires an ongoing commitment over time. The Seminar format offers clergy an opportunity to share experiences and reflect on their own functioning within the congregation’s emotional system. Didactic materials will incorporate all the models presented in the four, 10-week Monday morning Post Graduate classes and readings, and clergy will discuss the integration of those models into their pastoral and congregational ministry and the functioning of the clergy person as the leader.

Clergy cohorts will engage with peers and distinguished faculty to:

  • Work on Self-regulation
  • Understand specific patterns of family and relationship interactions as described by family systems theory.
  • Observe relationship systems
  • Learn to apply system theory to one’s self and to one’s family of origin.
  • Acquire a conceptual systemic framework for understanding human functioning.
  • Application and Integration of Theology with Theory
  • Acquire confidence in managing self, in the midst of reactivity and sabotage, stuck or stirred up congregations, triangles, conflicted relationships, static organizations, shrinking attendance and budgets, seduction for the ‘quick fix’ and family disruptions.

The Congregational and Family Systems Academy fosters leadership principals that promote a broader repertoire for responding to the challenges in ministry and organizational settings. The seminar will provide a peer-learning and peer-mentoring experience where participants share life and ministry experiences. The seminar will examine the various Systemic Models, comparing and contrasting them with Bowen Theory along with Edwin Freidman’s application of Bowen Theory to the leadership and the person of the clergy. Along with didactic review of the models, participants will also regularly present one’s own Family of Origin work (F/O) along with Ministry Case Consultations. The theory, coaching, and peer-coaching experience of the seminar fosters re-examination of roles, functioning, and relationships through differentiation.

Graduates of The Congregational and Family Systems Academy may opt to continue with the Monday Morning Supervision to continue working on self and understanding the contest and conditions of your organizational system.

For more information, contact the Director of the Post Graduate Certificate Program, Clergy Track Rev. Dr. Dolores Littleton at

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