Congregational and Family Systems Certificate Program

Clergy participants in this program are lifelong learners, community leaders, and healers. This training enriches the skills of priests, rabbis, imams, and other clergy who provide spiritual guidance and support within congregations and communities.

For clergy interested in enhancing their counseling skills from a clinical perspective, but who are not looking to become licensed clinicians, we offer the Congregational and Family Systems: Advanced Training Program as an alternative to our Post-Graduate Certificate Program. The curriculum of this program will mirror the first year of the Clergy Track of the main Certificate Program exactly, except clinical practice is not required. This program entails:

Academic Training: Four ten-week courses are required.

Supervision: Students will participate in weekly Group Supervision with the Director of the Clergy Track where students will discuss cases they are counseling within their congregations or communities.

Students will engage with peers and distinguished faculty, learning to guide congregations, couples and communities through conflict and towards better communication and connection.

For more information, contact the Academic Administrator by email or call 215-382-6680.

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