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Staff Publications

Our staff and faculty have written numerous journal articles and books. Here is a sampling of their written publications available for purchase:

Master Conflict Theory: A New Model for Practicing Couples and Sex Therapy

Authors Steve Betchen and Heather Davidson teach couples and sex therapists the comprehensive, integrative treatment approach of master conflict therapy.

Focused Genograms, 2nd Edition
Guide to the Intersystem Approach meta-framework and attachment theory to construct focused genograms. (Routledge 2017)

A Clinician’s Guide to Systemic Sex Therapy, 2nd Edition 
Dr. Nancy Gambescia and colleagues authored an award-winning volume for beginning and advanced psychotherapy practitioners in order to guide them through the complexities of sex therapy and help them to be more efficient in their treatment. (Routledge 2016)

Systemic Sex Therapy, 2nd Edition

Edited by Dr. Nancy Gambescia, Katherine M. Hertlein, and Gerald R. Weeks, Systemic Sex Therapy is used in graduate programs in the US and Turkey. (Routledge 2015)

Transcending Trauma: Survival, Resilience, and Clinical Implications in Survivor Families

An examination of prewar and postwar coping strategies and the intergenerational legacy of the Holocaust. (Routledge 2012)

Narrative Reflections: How Witnessing Their Stories Changes Our Lives
Personal reflections by mental health professionals in response to reading interviews of Holocaust survivors and their families. (Hamilton Books 2013)

Cradled All the While: The Unexpected Gifts of a Mother’s Death
Dr. Sara Corse’s book about the transformation of her relationship with her mother as she cared for her through to her death from cancer. (Augsberg Fortress 2004)