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Working for a Nonprofit: Why I Work for a Nonprofit Organization

August 16, 2023

August 17 is National Nonprofit Day, and having been a nonprofit organization since 1932, we feel as if every day is National Nonprofit Day (spoiler alert: every day is, in fact, not National Nonprofit Day). To recognize the importance of nonprofits in our communities, we asked Council for Relationships (CFR) Administrative Specialist, Anusha Ramdeen, about why she chose to work for Council for Relationships. Read on to learn more about Anusha’s journey to working for a nonprofit organization. 

Formed in 1850, the Franklin Health Assurance Company of Massachusetts was the first insurance company in the U.S. to offer accident and health insurance.

From For-profit to Nonprofit

Like many other individuals, the pandemic was one of the most difficult times in my life. Not being able to function normally in society affected many people’s mental health, including my own. Many people lost their jobs, their homes, and even the lives of friends and family members. In disruptive times such as these, adequate mental health care can make all the difference. However, seeking mental health care has been too difficult a challenge for many because of a lack of resources available to those who need it.

While employed as a Health Plan Health Assistant dealing with insurance at a third-party logistical company, I was exposed to the reality of the outrageous cost of care for individuals seeking mental health and medical care. This role pushed me to want to see improvement within the medical and mental health systems.

This is where Council for Relationships caught my interest.

President Harry S. Truman (pictured here) was the first U.S. President to propose a public health insurance option in 1945. The bill ultimately failed to pass.

Working at a Nonprofit

While I was job hunting, I had only one thing in mind – to find an organization I could fully resonate with and feel confident in its purpose. In particular, CFR’s fee-for-service stood out to me. I believe it is important that everyone has access to mental health care, regardless of financial circumstances. To me, this is essential to living the healthiest and happiest life possible. In the times that we live in, no one should have to worry about how they will initiate seeking care, or how they will afford it.

I can personally say there have been times when I was unable to afford health insurance. Being a young individual who is completely on their own without support has not been the easiest. There have been times when I could have used mental health/medical treatment but decided against it for fear of the impending bills I knew that I would receive. Having learned about fee-for-service organizations like CFR changed everything for me. It piqued my interest and made me pursue the Administrative Specialist role with CFR. I was excited to learn about what goes on behind the scenes during day-to-day operations in an organization like CFR.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy (pictured here) of Rhode Island was a leading voice in U.S. Congress from 1995-2011 for increased access to mental health care.

A Nonprofit Changing Mental Health Care

Imagine a healthcare model where all medical care and mental healthcare facilities were fee-for-service, while also accepting traditional patients/clients with insurance as well. Those without insurance are often unable to keep up with the medical bills and at certain times may not seek care when they need it the most. Incorporating the fee-for-service model universally across the healthcare system would increase the chance that patients & clients receive the care they need, perhaps even saving their lives.

My dream is to one day combine both medical care and mental health care under one entity that follows the fee-for-service model and ensures everyone has access to the care they need most. If my childhood self could see me right now, she would be so incredibly proud. When you are on the right path you can just feel it, and I am beyond excited to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passions and vision for affordable health care.

Anusha Ramdeen (pictured here) joined CFR as an Administrative Specialist in 2023.

About the Author

Anusha Ramdeen is the Administrative Specialist at Council for Relationships. If you have questions about working for a nonprofit organization or other topics regarding Anusha’s journey and work, you may reach her at aramdeen@councilforrelationships.org or by phone at 215-857-5818 ext. 3124.

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Supporting Access to Mental Health Care

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