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Art Therapist Bethanne Frazer: An Invitation to Collaborate

Finding a Philadelphia art therapist who accepts new clients can be difficult. CFR is proud to have Staff Therapist Bethanne Frazer, MS, LPC, NCC, ATR-P, as a member of Council for Relationships (CFR). Bethanne sees individuals, couples, and families virtually or in person, offering both traditional talk therapy and art therapy.

Read more about Bethanne’s therapeutic approaches, goals, and training.

Professional headshot of art therapist Philadelphia art therapist Bethanne Frazer.

Art Therapist Bethanne Frazer (pictured here) joined CFR in 2023.

Bethanne’s journey to becoming a Philadelphia art therapist

My name is Bethanne Frazer, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Art Therapist. I joined CFR because of its 90+ year history in our community as a provider of effective therapeutic services.

Many express that they feel comfortable talking with me and do not feel judged for what they are experiencing. That is because I am not judging you; we are all human and complicated. I understand the small differences, varying perspectives, and ways of experiencing life.

My identity as a practicing visual artist supports the unique qualities that I bring to both disciplines. I was interested in therapy because of art therapy. Now, I work as an art therapist in Philadelphia. I offer both talking and art therapy; sometimes, I combine them if it helps the person and situation.

Creating art helps us find ourselves, express challenging thoughts and emotions, and visually represent our experiences.

In my judgment-free therapy room (whether in-person or online), you can express what needs to be said.

We will work together to identify and connect your emotions to your thoughts. We will look at your family of origin and perhaps the difficult experiences you have had that shaped your view of the world. We will explore how your values align with what is happening now.

My goal is to make connections with you, build self-awareness and insight, and demystify ourselves from ourselves.

I can help you achieve your goals by identifying negative thoughts and behaviors that may be causing issues. I will also guide you in making intentional changes and acting toward achieving your desired outcomes in life.

Life is a journey and I want you to welcome self-exploration, not fear it.

What are my credentials?

Psychology Today advises finding an art therapist with a master’s degree in psychotherapy and visual arts. That said, here is what the letters after my name mean.

  • MS: Masters of Science in counseling psychology, clinical psychology, clinical counseling, or educational psychology
  • LPC: Licensed Professional Counselor
  • NCC: National Certified Counselor Certification
  • ATR-P: Registered Art Therapist – Provisional

Are you struggling with the decision to start counseling or art therapy?

I know that starting therapy is difficult, and I’m inviting you to meet me, a counselor and art therapist, for the first time. This is a collaboration. I am inviting you to do something difficult, requiring some openness and honesty that goes both ways. I will be direct with you and invite you to do the same.

We can always make adjustments and figure out what works best for you.

CFR therapists, including art therapists like Bethanne, are accepting new clients. Ready to book an appointment with a therapist? Do you have questions about costs?

Bethanne Frazer, MS, LPC, NCC, ATR-P, is a Philadelphia art therapist accepting new clients online and in person. If you have any questions about art therapy or Bethanne’s therapy practice, you can contact her. You can do this by filling out the form on her Clinician Biography page. Click here to request an appointment with a CFR Clinician.

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