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Therapist Near Me: Philadelphia’s Marissa Kos

December 6, 2022

Have you been wondering, “are there therapists near me”?  This month’s featured CFR therapist is Marissa Kos, MSW, RN. Marissa provides therapy at CFR’s Philadelphia’s Center City and University City offices, Bryn Mawr and Wynnewood, PA, offices, and also provides online therapy.

Continue reading to learn more about Marissa, her therapeutic approaches, goals, and contact information.

Council for Relationships staff therapist Marissa Kos professional headshot

Marissa Kos, MSW, RN

Therapy Goals

The goals of therapy are unique to each person. My work is to support my clients in building an understanding of their experiences so that they can move in a direction of growth toward whatever goals they may have. In general, I notice that clients often seek therapy because some part or parts of their lives are causing them distress, which informs the goals of treatment. It is through the process of therapy that we can figure out together what current and historical factors may be contributing to that distress, what is helping or hindering, and what the client may need to feel a sense of relief or to grow.

Sessions Approach

With many clients, I find it helpful to provide a perspective of parts and self in our work together. This is a great tool for gaining a better understanding of ourselves through our experiences, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When using this perspective with clients, we work together to understand more about what parts may have evolved throughout their lives that are now showing up in certain situations to protect them from familiar pain or disappointment. Although these parts of us have good intentions for our safety, sometimes they keep us stuck in distressing patterns. Providing this perspective in session often helps the client to notice more about their parts and self in their daily lives. After we can understand, acknowledge, and validate the roles of different parts of us, they can sometimes relax in those roles, creating an opening for healing and growth.

My Background

My background is in healthcare. I have been working as a nurse in a hospital setting for almost fifteen years. Through my work as a nurse, I have learned so much about both joy and suffering. I have had the privilege of being with others through some of the most impactful moments in their lives. Several years ago, I decided that I wanted to expand upon my role of supporting others to include more of the emotional aspect as well, which led me to pursue a graduate degree in social work. During my time in graduate school, I gained experience in outpatient therapy here at CFR as an extern. I felt a great deal of support and passion for this work within the organization, and I think that both of those things have a positive impact on the clinicians and on the clients to whom we provide services.

Struggling with the decision to start therapy? How do you know what kind of therapist to see?

The process of beginning therapy can be uncomfortable and uncertain, but it may also be positively life-changing. If the discomfort of what is causing you distress in your life is becoming greater than the fear of uncertainty in beginning therapy, you will know you are ready to begin. Trust your instincts when beginning with a new therapist and when evaluating whether or not the fit is right. You know yourself best, and you will know you have found a good fit when you have a sense that it is safe to explore the difficult thoughts and emotions in your work together.

Ready to book an appointment with a CFR therapist? Questions about therapy session costs?

To set-up an appointment, you can reach her at mkos@councilforrelationships.org or 215-382-6680 ext. 4202.

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