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Author » Andy Phạm, MFT

PTSD Awareness Day 2024 image with a person sitting outdoors, looking thoughtful. Text reads 'Emerging Conceptualizations of Trauma' by Andy Phạm, MFT, Council for Relationships.

PTSD Awareness & Emerging Ideas on Trauma

June 26, 2024

As we mark the 15th Annual PTSD Awareness Day, it’s essential to reflect on the evolving understanding of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its impact on diverse communities. In this insightful blog, CFR Staff Therapist Andy Phạm, MFT, delves into the emerging ideas of trauma and the significance of precision in PTSD diagnosis. With a…

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This is a collage of black and white images with a central color image, laid out to create a promotional graphic for an article or a discussion topic. The central color image shows two people, with a focus on their hands gently resting on one another, showcasing rings, implying a significant relationship. Surrounding this image are various black and white photos depicting different forms of affection or companionship: two people laughing together, a person resting their head on another's shoulder, two individuals sitting by a body of water, an elderly couple smiling at the camera, and a person cuddling with a dog. Overlaid on the collage is a block of text that reads "QUEERPLATONIC RELATIONSHIPS & QUESTIONING ROMANTIC HIERARCHY BY ANDY PHAM & CASEY HERGER" with the logo "COUNCIL FOR RELATIONSHIPS" at the bottom. The composition suggests a focus on the depth and variety of relationships beyond traditional romantic frameworks.

Queerplatonic Relationships & Questioning Romantic Hierarchy 

February 15, 2024

This blog discusses the overlapping of different types of relationships, particularly in queerplatonic bonds. It also explores the complexities of human connections. Queerplatonic relationships go beyond labels and involve people who identify as asexual, aromantic, or sexual and romantic feelings. They show deep emotional intimacy. Queerplatonic partners display characteristics commonly linked to romantic partnerships, yet…

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